Well, Chicago is buried in snow right now. Our neighborhood–normally bustling and lively–is quiet, and the dreariness of winter has been replaced with a blanket of perfectly white powder. The Chicago Public Schools system is closed tomorrow, so Mitch is ecstatic, and we’re cozied up at home together, enjoying the magic that comes along with a snow day. Hot chocolate, soup, blankets, slippers, movies… It’s Lorelai Gilmore-style happiness.

One of our favorite snow day activities is watching movies we’ve made made together over the years. Mitch is amazing at documenting our lives through video, and I love that his projects allow us to look back and remember so many wonderful times.

The video that started it all? The “New York City ABC’s,” which we made for our niece, Parker, on her first birthday. It was before either of us had smartphones (what?!), so we recorded it on an old point-and-shoot camera. And I refused to be in it, as I was painfully shy about being on camera at that time. (Ironic, I know. Hehe.) Oh–and “pizzeria” is spelled incorrectly. ;) But every shot reminds me of falling in love with Mitch in New York.

Anyway, here it is. Perhaps this post will get my butt in gear, and motivate me to actually finish this year’s Christmas video!

Stay warm, Chicago!