Recent Finds 6/10

Sneakers / Jeans (Also try these.) / Newer Shirt / Sunglasses / Girls’ Dresses (We also adore this one!), Sandals and Fleeces / Mitch’s Pullover, Shorts and Sandals

Recent Finds is back, and better than ever… 😜

Okay, this is such a good one. It was super popular in a different pattern, and this newer one just came out which I love even more! It’s definitely one of those throw-on-and-just-look-fabulous dresses.

This is a Kelly Dress! I love the nod to Bridgerton, the color, the puff sleeves, and the pattern. And the price! Bravo, Tuckernuck. *Adds to cart.*

As most of you know, this is my favorite dress of all time. It’s now available in a ditsy floral that I love, too!

And besides my Alex Mill sweater, this is my favorite sweater purchase of 2022. It’s selling out quickly so be sure to grab one in your size if it’s available! It’s oversized, btw, so if anything, go with your regular size or size down. I wear the XS and it’s still generous!

I made the switch to this clean mascara this year and adore it. I also love that it looks lovely on my vanity! (Btw: These are all my Amazon Beauty faves!)

I’ll tell you the story on Monday, but I recently damaged my hair (again). So it’s time for Olaplex! This stuff is magic and turns straw hair into silk. (These are all my Amazon Beauty faves, btw!)

This is my favorite nighttime mask. It doesn’t even feel like a mask; just feels like a moisturizer. But I use it every night and my skin is no longer dry. One tub lasts me a whole year! (These are all my Amazon Beauty faves, btw!)

I’m doing a collaboration with Lands’ End, and I’m so excited to wear this CHAMBRAY tiered/smocked/flutter dress. Bravo to the brand for making one! (How did this not exist before?!)

Did you know that Nordstrom Rack now carries Madewell?! These will probably be sold out by the time I post, but they’re also on the Madewell site if so! (Favorite cut. So flattering.)

These are on sale as well. So cute.

We all know I have a white top problem.


These wide-leg black pants are stunning. Love how fitted they are around the hips/waist. (They come in other colors, too.)

This Sara Campbell shawl was all OVER Nantucket. It comes in several colors, and that ruffled detailing makes it perfect to throw over event dresses. No need to freeze for the sake of fashion!

Oh, how lovely…

Smocked and striped. What more could a girl ask for?!

A throwback dress!

Opinions, please! This jumpsuit…

…or this one?

Beach sweater in cardigan form! Here for it.

Oh, well this is lovely.

Favorite coverup. Comes in solid colors as well. Size down.

This is on my wishlist to remember last week!

If these are available in your size, get them! They are far more comfortable than the Chanel version and they’re obviously way cheaper, haha.

The chunky heel nude version is darling, too. So comfy!

I also have these, which are very similar, and definitely inspired by the Chanel slingbacks.

Another throwback dress! Loving all the madras, and especially this one since it’s so muted.

My cousin Sammy was carrying this the day after the wedding and I loved hearing it was from AMAZON! Shop all my favorite Amazon bags here.

This is the famous Amazon dress that Kim found! It’s so beautiful and so affordable. (Find all my favorite Amazon dresses here.)

And in case you’re looking for the bag!

Isn’t this so pretty?! AMAZON, man.

Let’s do some Amazon Home finds. :) (Check them all out here.)

We have these oil painting reproductions all over our house and now they’re on Amazon!

Scalloped bowls on Amazon. A+.

A great dupe for the Anthro mirror!

I have several of these all over our home on shelves. They look weird in photos but awesome in real life, haha.

We’re having a JoJo Siwa-inspired plush doll made for Lucy and I’m already crying.

We use these for our spare sets of keys! They say “LARKIN” on them and we keep them in a drawer in our kitchen for anyone who comes to stay. Makes guests’ visits so much nicer!

Carly found these. I ironed them on to the girls’ uniforms and now we don’t lose our stuff anymore. Yay.

These are the princess dolls we use for play dough fun. They’re adorable.

Oh, Emerson Fry. Killin’ it this year, too!

This white dress…

How cute! Take me to Capri.

So classic.

Another option.

Do you know about AYR button-downs? I believe they were inspired by the founder’s days on Wall Street, and she tailored them for women. I’m obsessed. The idea is that you only need one or two, and they can be styled a zillion different ways. Easier life.

Here it is in white!