Lands End Fisherman Sweater-300

Lands’ End Fisherman Sweater, Scarf and Booties c/o (Order the sweater one size up for a cozier fit; the booties are SO comfy! I’ve been wearing them every day!) / Daniel Wellington Watch c/o / Madewell Tote / Hudson Jeans (Ridiculously old, and can only wear them with long sweaters, as there’s a rip down the butt, haha! Newer styles here.) / Kate Spade Sunglasses (Old, similar here and here) and Earrings (Newer style here)

One of my biggest shortcomings is how easily I become overwhelmed and upset. Which is weird, considering I’ve always been drawn to such stressful professions. But I think only now am I starting to realize that I don’t handle pressure very well. Some people thrive under it, and create masterpieces and great change under the circumstances. Me, though? I can withstand a good amount, but then tend to operate under a cloud of doom. Everything seems crappy, and it’s ridiculously difficult to bring myself out of it.

(It usually takes calling it a day and going to bed, haha.)

The crazy part is that I normally don’t see it coming. Despite how many times it’s occurred, I always seem to think to myself, “Wow! Look at me. I’m totally killing it right now.” And then?


(Which is exactly what happened right after we snapped these photos the other day. Feeling great, enjoying a stroll along the water, and then all of a sudden: “Oh my goodness. I have WAY too much going on right now.”)

In the Bronx, Mitch and I used to promise ourselves mental health days at least every couple of months. Days during which we did nothing — maybe wandered around New York, or just sat on the couch and mindlessly watched television. And it was so helpful. A “hard reset” for the mind, if you will.

Of course, my “job” in Chicago is a joke compared to what I did back home. Stress? Please. But is it fair to always compare my current situation to what I experienced in the Bronx? Probably not. And maybe a hard reset is necessary no matter what, because jobs aren’t the only things that weigh on us. (Sometimes it’s just a lot of nonsense! Or a lack of free time, or an over scheduling problem!)

So despite the fact that there’s nothing earth shatteringly wrong right now, I’m going to take a “hard reset day” on Thursday. I’m going to spend the morning watching television and playing the guitar, and I’m going to spend the afternoon wandering the neighborhood and writing (for myself) in a coffee shop. And I’m going to consider how to avoid getting like this in the first place.

Any tips? :)

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