Nantucket Wine Festival-40

For Christmas, my aunt and uncle gave the whole family tickets to the Nantucket Wine Festival. I mentioned this in a recent post, but sadly, much of the family couldn’t make it… including my aunt and uncle, haha. So much came up, from trips to Europe and weddings on the Jersey Shore to graduate school restraints and work obligations. (We missed you, Patrick, Danny, Kim and Mitch!) Still, we had a great showing: my parents, my cousins, Jaclyn (basically a cousin) and me!

Of course, I couldn’t drink any wine. Devastating, considering two of my very favorite things in this world are Nantucket and wine. ;) (So funny: my aunt and uncle gave us the tickets on Christmas morning, right before we told everyone we were pregnant. Watch the video here!) However, I had something incredibly special happen during the festival!

At one point, while I was roaming around taking photos, drinking juice and answering strangers’ questions about why I was there, my cousins came running up to me and told me they’d just found something I’d love. They led me over to the Larkin Wines table, and I, quite literally, screamed. (My last name is Larkin, if you didn’t know!)

Many, many years ago in New York, Mitch and I found a Larkin bottle in a random wine store. We said we’d go back and get it for a special occasion, but then forgot and couldn’t remember which shop we’d found it in. Since then, whenever we’d go into wine stores, we’d look for it. Never found it, though.

I told the owner (who was manning the table!) the story: that my last name was Larkin, that I’d been looking for his wine for years, and that it was heartbreaking that I finally found it while pregnant. He smiled, asked me what my favorite type of wine was, and handed me over a bottle of Chardonnay for after the baby.

Happy tears, for sure. :) It’s the little things.

(Turns out Larkin Wines puts out a very small supply every year, and therefore it was pretty amazing we’d found that one bottle to begin with!)

So come July–or probably August–we’re celebrating Baby Larkin’s arrival with that bottle! I’ll likely be quite the lightweight since I haven’t had anything since November, and knowing me, I’ll freak out about having a glass of wine while breastfeeding. But I will toast to Baby’s arrival with at least a small pour!

Anyway, I can’t speak to how any of the wines were at the festival… but my fam seemed to love all of them. ;) Fingers crossed that I get to go back in the near future and try ’em out!

Oh, and happy 21st, Paige! Can’t believe you were legally drinking wine here! Also that you’re a foot taller than me now. I remember the days when you’d hide in the kitchen cabinets and feed Patch your dinner from the high chair. Those were the days… <3

Nantucket Wine Festival-23


Nantucket Wine Festival-45
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Nantucket Wine Festival-27

Best part of the day!

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Thank you so much, Auntie-M and Uncle Dave! Love you!