nantucket outfit-1

Throwback Thursday: RIP C.Wonder :(

Here’s the truth: I simply do not have any cute outfits to shoot this week. You’ve seen it all. I’m headed to Nantucket to see the fam this morning, and I’ve packed the essentials: the same striped tees, the same Elsa tops, the same maxi dresses and the same jeans. I mean, I plan on taking photos while I’m in ACK. But expect to see some less-than-original looks on Kelly in the City in the coming days. ;)

Running this site while pregnant has been humbling. My third trimester has taken me back to my early years of blogging, when creating new outfits every day was really, really tough. I was completely on my own! It’s a reminder for both you and me that the stuff we see on blogs shouldn’t be internalized too much. Most bloggers don’t spend tons of dollars on boatloads of new outfits to wear and shoot, despite what it looks like. There are simply sponsorships and partnerships… and a lot of behind-the-scenes help. Blog photos are meant to inspire, help us recreate with the help of what we already own, and guide purchases. Not make us feel badly or empty our bank accounts.

Could I take on some extra work right now in order to create more content? I suppose I could. But I am tired, my friends. And truthfully, I’m not looking to fill my tiny house with maternity clothing right now. (Who’s to say that my next pregnancy will be a summer one?!) Also, one of my goals this year is to start varying my content, and to allow myself to write and get behind the lens more frequently. So this is kind of the perfect opportunity to start fresh, and put some real thought into my blog posts.

There’s so much more I could do with this site that my mind is spinning with all the possibilities! And really: Kelly Larkin is more than just the clothing she wears. Not to mention that when the baby arrives, looking cute and shooting puke-free outfits will be a little more challenging! Don’t worry: you’ll still see outfits here. But I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I want–and need–to do more than just clothing and shoes and accessories.

The purpose of today’s post is threefold: It’s an announcement. Which is exciting. But it’s also a push, because change is hard. (If I publish it, it’s more binding, right?!) And it’s a cry for help. ;)

Besides outfit posts, what do you want to see on Kelly in the City?

I’m growing up, you’re growing up, and the blog is growing up. I’m not sure exactly what all of this means, but over the next few weeks, I want to start coming up with a vision for the next stage. And as always, because you’re the real reason this site exists, I greatly appreciate any input you might have!