As Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 17th!), we thought we’d highlight some of Mitch’s gift picks today. :)

Mitch's Father's Day Gift Guide - Kelly in the City

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Mitch here!

These are some faves:

1: Nike Sneakers:

I’m hyper aware of my gradual decent into the land of Dad Outfits. As such, I’m reluctant to even suggest white tennis shoes as I feel it could put me over the edge. But I feel the call. I want these shoes. I also want a pair of baggy jeans and a fanny pack but I’m showing some self-restraint. Jesus.

2: Pink Pocket Tee:

It’s a good thing this tee has a pocket because your man will need a convenient spot to carry the accolades he receives for dressing so well.

3: Pink Shorts:

Does anyone out there have tips on how to not look like a complete moron in shorts? Maybe this pair is the key?

4: Striped Shoes:

If  laceless shoes exist, why do laced shoes still exist? I’ve had it with laces. Over!

5: Dancing Bears Belt:

As a 30-something, I appreciate any gift that will help me keep my pants up. As an added bonus this belt has Grateful Dead bears on it. (I think?)

6: Performance Shirt:

I don’t want to go all Kanye on this gift guide, but this shirt is THE GREATEST SHIRT OF ALL TIME! I wrote about it in depth here.

7: Perfect Polo:

The polo is apparently the most difficult of all shirts to do well, and Vineyard Vines has pulled it off here. After a few wears of this one, I threw all my other polos out. It was an emotional day.

8: Lobster Towel:

This towel has a lobster on it.

9: Carhartt Work Jacket:

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for this phone call.

“Carhartt? This is J.Crew. You are cool now. Let’s make it happen.”

10: Flag Belt:

There are exactly two weekends when wearing an American flag belt is super cool. This is one of them. Embrace.

11: Leather sandals:

Flip flops also qualify as laceless shoes. Solid buy!

12: Denim Jacket:

Without question, this jacket is too small on this guy. Right? I mean, it’s borderline ridiculous. Is it supposed to be that small? Like, is that the style? Clearly, if you’re interested in getting this thing, size UP.

13: Navy Backpack:

Women get to have all the fun. I don’t think I could count all the purses, bags, clutches, crossbones and totes on this page alone. Guys get backpacks and that’s about it. Make sure yours has a good one.

14: Blue Blazer:

It wouldn’t be a Mitch Gift Guide without a blazer recommendation, and this blazer is certainly a blazer. If you’re wondering But Mitch, what is a Blazer Guy to wear in the summer? The answer is most certainly a blazer with shorts! 

15: Baseball Leather Dopp Kit:

I refuse to pay for checked luggage. So I place big importance on travel storage. As such, I searched high and low for the smallest top kit on the market. The problem is that my tiny Dopp kit is too small for a standard tooth brush. So I currently cut my toothbrush in half with a giant kitchen knife when I travel, and it’s sometimes confused by TSA as a weapon. I need a new Dopp kit.

16: Fish Hat:

I once caught a fish so big that I officially retired from catching fish shortly thereafter. I still put hooks in the water, I just don’t catch fish when I do it.

17: Short-Sleeve Seersucker Shirt:

Seersucker really is one of the best words I’ve ever encountered. (Who came up with that?) It’s also one of the best shirt materials around. This could be my go-to summer shirt! Look out!

18: Navy Sneakers:

If I had a pair of navy shoes, there would be a good chance of me accidentally putting on an entirely navy outfit from head to toe, which my wife would LOVE. Also, no laces, which I love. ;)

19: Navy Briefcase:

Briefcases are weird little devices, aren’t they? What would one carry in a briefcase these days? Isn’t everything digital? I pretty much just throw whatever I need in the bottom of the stroller and hit the road, but I know not everyone is that fortunate, so here’s an option for the strollerless dude. Who probably went to bars and stuff this weekend.

20: Adirondack Chair:

As soon as I finish this post, my butt will be firmly planted in one of these chairs for the rest of the weekend. There is something so special about an Adirondack chair.

21: Navy Laptop Folio:

Your guy sits on his computer all day, this much is true. But if you have anything to do with it, he can carry said computer around in a cute little pouch.

22: Short-Sleeved Button Down:

I never learned to successfully roll up my sleeves. It is a major failing of mine. My sleeve rolls get all weird and bunchy. It seriously ruins my day and I end up asking Kelly to fix them. Soon, I’ll be asking Emma.

23. Proper Suit Bag:

Placing a piece of clothing in a bag and jet propelling it across the country without wrinkling is no small task, but this thing will do it no questions asked.

Mitch. Out.