Summer Mitch here!

By popular demand 😆, I present the latest in my Capsule Wardrobe series. Summer clothes lend themselves to a capsule wardrobe, so today I’m sharing a whole season’s worth of super simple pieces made from light-and-easy materials that are easily rearranged into dozens of outfits.

Let’s get to it!

Where to shop

J.Crew/J.Crew Factory: Always my first stop when building a capsule wardrobe. They’re an authority in men’s fashion in my opinion, with reliable fashion sense and quality materials. The majority of the products you’ll find in this post are J.Crew and J.Crew Factory.

AmazonAmazon has asserted itself as a real presence in men’s fashion over the last couple of years. They offer competitive prices and a real simplicity of shopping. Amazon Prime Wardrobe will send you clothes to try on and send back free of charge, too.

Nordstrom: My favorite place for specialized pieces and higher-end brands. I use Nordstrom as a reliable source for unique pieces not found at other stores. Also shout out to their world-class customer service and easy return policies—fabulous for the disorganized like myself.

Men’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Mens Summer Capsule Wardrobe

T-Shirts: Gray / Salmon / White

The workhorse of any summer outfit is the tee. I fill my drawers with a variety of J.Crew’s Broken-in T-Shirts each summer, and they’re the first thing I reach for each morning. They fit true to size, wash without shrinking, and come in a wide variety of great summer colors. A must!

mens summer shorts | Mens Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Swim: Blue Stripe / Pink StripeSeersucker

It’s time to update your swimming suit. Board shorts and floral patterns are OUT, people. These suits from Amazon and J.Crew are simple in pattern and feature the optimal length for the beach or the pool. Or let’s be honest, for the bar after you leave the pool since you don’t want to change.

Mens Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Shorts: Khaki / NavyStone

As you may have noticed, I wear shorts most days of the year, so you could consider me a bit of an expert. I’ve tried shorts from everywhere and this stretchy pair from Amazon Basics and this 7 inch pair from J.Crew are the best around. I threw away all my old pairs the second I found them and you probably should, too.

Mens Polo Shirts Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Polos: Coral / Blue White

#PoloYolo! For those special summer moments when a t-shirt won’t do. I’m a big fan of J.Crew’s Garment-dyed slub cotton material. It wears like a favorite shirt the first time you put it on, and washes without shrinking.

Men short sleeve button down

Short SleeveChambray / Stripe White Seersucker

The short-sleeved button down is my ace in the hole for summer attire. It’s got the collar and the buttons of a formal shirt, but the short sleeves embody a more wild-and-free spirit for the outfit. They’re the mullet of shirts, my wife hates them, and I’d recommend buying all four of these while supplies last.

Men Long-sleeve shirts

Long SleeveWhite Chambray Gingham Pink Stripe

Long-sleeve shirts with shorts and flip flops is about as formal as I go in the summer. Luckily, I look freakin’ fancy in that outfit, if you ask me.

Mens Summer Pants Capsule Wardrobe

PantsNavy / Light Jeans Khakis

I recommend a three-pant approach for those rare summer pants occasions. Light khakis, navy chinos and light-dyed jeans easily get the job done. These three pairs are the best I’ve found. They’re light, fit true-to-size and have plenty of stretch to keep you comfortable.

Mens Summer Capsule Wardrobe

ShoesSneakers / Wingtips / Birkenstocks / Slip-On Flip Flops

In the summer, I need versatile shoes that work with shorts, pants or even swimsuits. I prefer slip-on loafers, Birkenstocks and flip flops that I can put on without using my hands. For more formal situations, the new Rothy’s sneakers and Cole Haan Wingtips are a great summer look.

men summer outfit essentials

Jackets: Rain / Linen Chore

I love the look of a jacket and shorts in the summer so I keep this linen jacket and Chore Coat from J.Crew at the ready. I’m also a big fan of using a rain coat for surprise summer storms, and this one from J.Crew is my favorite.

men summer accessories


Accessories: Sunglasses Watch Hat Belt / Wallet Tie / Backpack

Fun summer accessories are key to taking your simple outfit to the next level. I switch over to J.Crew’s light wallet to keep things easy. This woven belt helps to tie things together, and J.Crew’s seerscucker hat plus Warby Parker sunglasses are great for beach days.

Happy shopping!

Summer Mitch OUT!