I’m long overdue for a “Life, Lately” post, and I’m really excited about writing it! I have a LOT to tell you about the last month, and sharing through photos is my favorite way to tell stories. That said, it’s a little daunting, as so much has occurred. (My phone may have run out of space a few days ago, haha. #snaphappy) I also don’t have very much time, and long posts mean less sleep at this point. ;)

While Mitch went back to school last week for administrative purposes, it wasn’t until this week that he actually had students in the classroom. Emma and I no longer could visit him at work, and he unfortunately had to go in early and stay late almost every day in order to get paperwork and other unexpected tasks completed. So for all intents and purposes, this was my first full week on my own with Little Emma–while also working.

Over the last month, I’ve received quite a few questions (and opinions) regarding maternity leave.

Are you taking one?

Right now? No. I did, kind of, when Emma first came… but it was mini: I pounded out a lot of freelance work and lined up about a week and a half’s worth of blog content before our little girl’s arrival, which was so nice. Shortly thereafter, though, I was back at it.

Oh my goodness. You really should be taking a real maternity leave. Why aren’t you taking more time?

Well, here’s the honest truth: Because I’m self-employed, and Kelly Larkin & Co. doesn’t have the funds for paid maternity leave.

Kidding. There’s no such thing as Kelly Larkin & Co.! ;) In all seriousness, though, Mitch and I simply aren’t in the position right now for me to stop working. Would we like to be in the position? Of course! But we’re not. So that’s that.

(And if you’re wondering why we’re not in the position but I feature a lot of nice clothing and shoes, remember what I always say: partnerships and sponsorships are not necessarily a reflection of real life. If I didn’t have this blog, I wouldn’t own what I own, and I try really hard to drive that point home as often as I can. The “style” part of Kelly in the City is meant to inspire outfits, guide well thought-out purchases, and be fun. That’s all! In reality, I am a very, very normal girl.)

But, like, you could at least take a month or two, right?

Yes, I suppose. Fall is my busiest time as a freelancer and blogger, though, and this would be difficult for a multitude of reasons. Instead, I’m simply cutting back in certain areas and working smarter, not harder.

But what about daycare?!

Financially, it doesn’t make sense for us. It’s very expensive in the city (and everywhere else!) and if I went back to work in editorial or education, we’d be spending almost all of my salary on it.

Okay… then what about getting a nanny or babysitter for a few days every week?

Yes, maybe. I’m not there yet, though. Mitch only just went back to work, and I’m still figuring this whole thing out. I’d at least like a month or two to determine this.


I’m just going to be straight with you: I’m taking care of a newborn and working. And I’m happy!

Is it hard?

Oh, yes. It’s definitely hard. This week was particularly challenging, considering that we were without Mitch for a lot of it, and I’m a newbie. But it’s also really, really wonderful. I’m with my little girl all day. And I love it. And what I’m doing is not impossible: I’m able to get work done during her naps, while she’s cuddled up against me (one-handed typing!), and when Mitch arrives home. Hard, but not impossible.

Will this whole situation change in the future?

It certainly might. Emma won’t be an infant forever, and I’ll likely need some assistance–or need to significantly cut back on work–in order to keep up with a toddler. ;) But for now, this what Mitch and I want. And I’m not the first person to do this, either. There are so many parents out there who work from home and take care of their kids. (To those people: you inspire me. Come and teach me your ways!)

In no way am I insinuating that I’m being judged for this decision. And hey: I’m choosing to publicly share my life, so I can’t really complain about any judgment. But I do think, from my whole month (!) of experience as a mother, haha, that we need to support each other and acknowledge that every situation–every child, every family, and every parent, for that matter–is different. And decisions are typically made for good reasons. :)

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I finished up this week’s work yesterday, so I’m spending the entirety of today cuddling with Little Emma and strolling her around the neighborhood. Okay: we might have one little photo shoot to tackle, but psssh. We’ve totally got this!

Next Up: A Day in the Life of Kelly & Emma