Little Orphan Annie Dress Costume

Little Orphan Annie Halloween Dress / Newer Mary Jane Shoes / Socks / Locket / Dog / Curling Iron / Quilted Barn Jacket

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

When I was little, I was wild about Little Orphan Annie. My next-door neighbor/best friend Katie and I used to put on shows for our parents, and I eventually got to be Annie in a short performance when I was 11. (Mom is digging that photo up for you guys! 😆) The story and songs hold so many happy childhood memories for me, and I still know every word by heart.

So when Emma told me that she wanted to be Annie for Halloween, well, LIFE MADE.

Her love of Annie comes from Gammy Camp. She and her cousins watched Annie over and over, and put on their own performances for their grandparents. 😭 We’ve had the soundtrack on since August, and while it’s probably driving Mitch insane, I love every minute. Even Lucy’s gotten into it, and she sings “Tomorrow” whenever she’s in the stroller. It’s the cutest.

As I noted in Lucy’s Halloween costume post, I do not sew and have no intention of ever learning, haha. I know that many people enjoy it, and that’s amazing. But it’s just not an interest for me! So once again, I turned to Etsy. :) There were lots of Annie dress options, but Emma and I both fell in love with this one from the small business Merri Poppins, who coincidentally also makes a cute Mickey dress. Fun fact: The owner of the company, JaNette, sewed over 250 Halloween costumes this year. Gasp!

Emma was Annie for three Halloween events: her school parade, school party, and a friend party. By the third event, the dress was covered with white paint from a craft, so we switched to Wonder Woman for Oct. 31. 😉 (We usually get two costumes because of this reason. Also helps to keep the magic alive!)

She looked absolutely adorable in both, but I’m pretty sure that Annie will forever be my favorite Halloween costume. ♥️


You’ve wrapped me around

That cute little finger

You’ve made life a song

You’ve made me the singer

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Little Orphan Annie Halloween Dress / Newer Mary Jane Shoes / Socks / Locket / Dog / Curling Iron / Quilted Barn Jacket