Little Office Updates

Candles: Craft & Kin “Leather” / “Soft Cashmere Amber” / “Meditate” / Gap Home Organic Curtains / Tufted Trellis PillowCotton Ball Branches / Cane CratesGap Home Striped Bath Mats

My office is a work in progress, and I think it’ll always be that way. 😉 (I just have so many projects going on in there at all times, you know?!) But I absolutely love the space; it’s upstairs, attached to our bedroom and bathroom, and therefore it’s very much out of the way of the rest of the house. My favorite part, though, is the natural light. Winters here in Chicago are very gloomy, yet I get a considerable amount of light from the skylights, even on the gloomiest of days! It’s the cheeriest room in our home, for sure.

You can find some of my office design posts here and here, but today I wanted to share some little updates I recently made to the room! We have a lot of guests coming in August, and because of that, Emma will be sleeping up in the office quite a bit. So I wanted to clear out all the papers and clutter, and make it inviting and cozy for her. :) I’m so happy with how it turned out!

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Walmart invited me to shop its “Wow and Now” decor section of the site, and I had a blast doing it. (The section is also available in select stores, btw, and it features fun, trending items at great price points. Check out often because once they’re gone, they’re gone!) These days, I do kind of feel like I have a lot of the same decor as my friends, whether they’re bloggers or not. We just gravitate to the same stuff, I guess. ;) But I found a lot of decor in the “Wow and Now” section that I’d never seen before… and as a result, the products I picked definitely seem to make my office feel more unique.

My biggest discovery while shopping was that THERE IS SUCH A THING AS GAP HOME! I’m sorry, but what?! It’s the brand’s first-ever home collection, and everything is classic and classy. (And affordable.) I purchased these organic curtains and these striped bath mats for a more mature look upstairs, and I’m really excited about it. (Bought the curtains in the wrong length, haha, so returned and placed another order. But I know they’re going to look amazing, and at least I can say that Walmart returns are easy!)

My other discoveries included this tufted trellis pillow which looks and feels like $150 (so soft!) but is only $15.87; these cane storage crates for only $13.98; these cotton ball branches to fill vases; and three candles (Craft & Kin “Leather” / “Soft Cashmere Amber” / “Meditate“) because you can never have too many candles, am I right?

Anyway, we’re big fans of Walmart, as you may know. And over the years, it’s become one of our go-to’s for quick, easy and affordable home projects/updates. The prices can’t be beat! Walmart orders of $35+ also typically ship free in two days, and their customer service is phenomenal. So be sure to check out the “Wow and Now” decor section. So many great finds!

Final reveal of the office coming… some day. 😜 (And YES! We painted the bookshelves and bathroom vanities. The colors are Benjamin Moore “Ivory White” and “Kennebunkport Green.” So in love! Ivory White is a creamy white that works well with older homes, btw.)

Walmart Wow and Now section
Walmart Wow and Now home decor | Little Office Updates
Little Office Updates
Little Office Updates
Walmart home items
Walmart home items | Little Office Updates
Little Office Updates from Walmart
Walmart home decor finds
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Candles: Craft & Kin “Leather” / “Soft Cashmere Amber” / “Meditate” / Gap Home Organic Curtains / Tufted Trellis PillowCotton Ball Branches / Cane CratesGap Home Striped Bath Mats

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