Backblaze review

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Mitch here!

Computers break. They get spilled on, fall off desks, and get karate-chopped by toddlers. Sometimes they even get stolen. Or lost. (🤯, but yes. They get left behind in/on trains, planes and automobiles.) And, one day, your precious computer–with all those important pictures and files and work and stuff–will go, too. It’ll get so incomprehensibly broken that you won’t even know what to do with yourself.

But if you have just five minutes and six bucks, we can backup your data right now and save you the heartache. I mean, why not?





It took three devastating data loss experiences before we got serious about backing up our computers. The first was when I smashed our iMac into a wall while secretly moving into my friend’s apartment in the middle of the night because we’d been evicted. The second was when baby Emma spiked Kelly’s external hard drive onto the floor and destroyed five years’ worth of photography. And the third was when I plugged in an old computer and it basically gave me the middle finger and I lost even more of Kelly’s photos.

(In all of these situations, we did manage to get the photos back. But it was unnecessarily expensive and distressing. Way too many bucks were spent and way too many tears were shed!)

So I did a ton of research and found the ultimate data backup solution. It’s called Backblaze, and in addition to it having a sweet name, it’s a simple, cheap, no-brainer, no-nonsense, set-it-and-forget-it kind of service. All you need to do is go to, download the app, and give it permission to back up your computer.




Kelly got Danielle up and running with it a few days ago in a matter of five minutes.

The service is $6 per month for unlimited backups. This means it not only backs up the current state of your files, but every subsequent state of each of file going back a full year. So if your kid overwrites and deletes the novel you’ve been polishing up during the pandemic, Backblaze not only has the last draft but every other draft you’ve ever saved. All your data is fully encrypted and secure. And Backblaze even works with external hard drives and SD cards and all that stuff. Every time you plug one in, it gets backed up.

I see the story playing out like this: You’ll sign up for Backblaze today and then totally forget about it. Then, when your computer defenestrates, you feel very grateful that you read that boring “Mitch Post” on data storage. You then either download your backup from Backblaze or have them send you a harddrive with all your stuff on it in the mail. And you celebrate. With whomever you’re quarantined with. Or with whomever you do happy hour with via House Party or Zoom.

Believe me. You’ll be happy you did this Backblaze thing on that day. Because you’ll simply reload all your data onto your new machine and life will be very good indeed.

We consider ourselves lucky with our three data loss episodes. In each case, we were able to find data recovery experts to rescue most of our files. But again: the emotional trauma and the substantial expense required to recover the data was rough. I’m talking weeks of worry that we lost all our pictures of our kids and a whole lot of money in recovery costs.

Which is why I’m GLEEFUL to send Backblaze my $6 every month.

And you should too!

Mitch. OUT!