Jute Rug

Jute Rug / Lucy’s Outfit / Pillow

Quick post today because I’m scrambling to get a bunch of projects done, but who doesn’t love a “Home Finds” post?! ;)

My mind is on plants right now. (Faux ones, haha.)

Looking for something to put the girls’ dollhouse on (with storage underneath). This is a great deal!

I’ve fallen more and more in love with our vacuum over these past few months. Though doing it has been tough. (Vacuuming while the girls are awake is impossible, yet vacuuming while they’re asleep is impossible as well because it wakes them up. HELP!)

Can we tell I’m organized-obsessed right now?

The Container Store actually has a lot of Water Hyacinth storage options, and they’re all gorgeous.

Our jute rug. It’s AMAZING. Best one we’ve ever had. It’s nubby but very soft compared to the others we’ve had. Also, SUCH a great deal.

This is very cool.

So much cheaper than the designer options!

We need an umbrella for over the couches on the deck. Loving this one.

Wouldn’t these be fun for projector nights outside?! (We have a $40 projector and use it for movie nights outside in the summer.)

I’m crazy.

LIFE-CHANGING. I got my dad one when he started working from home during the quarantine, and he apparently refuses to use any other mug now. It keeps your coffee hot for HOURS. Get it. It’s amazing.

On sale, and 25 percent off with code “PILLOW,” which brings it down to $51! Ho ho ho. It’s May.

Our dining room table is now available at Target. So cool! We LOVE it. Kids can’t destroy it.

Our drapes. They’re so inexpensive and unbelievably beautiful. I’m in LOVE. We have “Blue,” not “Denim.”

We need a new dress-up box but I’m dragging my feet. This one is pretty!

Our bean bags. They’re GIANT. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I got everyone these ducks for Mother’s Day. I also have them. We’re all obsessed. I don’t know what it is about these ducks but everyone becomes obsessed. Mark my words: they’ll sell out soon! SO CUTE.

I have a friend who has this in her home and it’s gorgeous.

So cute for a kid’s room!

Flower petal basket.

We replaced all of Lucy’s hardware with these and it makes the room!

Did I tell you that we totally trashed our old rug? I don’t know. :( It was in a VERY high-traffic area in the old house–about two feet away from the front door–and Chicago winters/our dachshund/our two small children took their toll on it. I’m so sad because I love it, but it’s… really bad. And recently it started to kind of have a funny smell. I’ve tried everything but it looks ROUGH. But this is an option.

And this is the dream rug!