Lilly Pulitzer Dressed for Summer Sale

Zazie Eyelet Top: $49, regularly $138

I have this! It looks adorable paired with white pants.

The Lilly Pulitzer Dressed for Summer Sale is on!

It’s running today and tomorrow, and the deals are fabulous. I’m personally taking the opportunity to stock up on some dresses for the girls, as they’re growing like weeds and nothing fits. But there are so many amazing finds for women, too! I’m going to put together a try-on today at some point, but in the meantime, below are my favorites.

Harper Shift Dress: $54, regularly $148

This is SUCH the winner. It’s made out of terry, so it can either be dressed down or up. It’s fabulous. One of my most-worn Lilly dresses.

Mini Fanci Dress: $49, regularly $98

Emma has this in blue and she’s obsessed. A princess dress, for sure.

Mini Pearl Dress: $39, regularly $88

We also have this in three different colors because it’s so wonderfully comfy! Another dress that can easily be dressed down or up.

Baby Shift Dress: $34, regularly $48

Don’t even get me started on how many we have of these! Granted I saved all of Emma’s for Lucy, and then Lilly sent us a few more when she was born. Haha — but we love them and they’re great for the crawling stage as the top doesn’t get caught on their knees!

Little Lilly Classic Shift Dress: $34, regularly $58

The little girls’ version!

Jourdana Top: $49, regularly $148

Every woman needs a beautiful white eyelet top in her closet.

Galen Sweater Dress: $54, regularly $148

Perfect for chillier summer nights. :)

Keegan Lace Top with Lileeze: $49, regularly $148

LOVE this top and can’t recommend it more! It’s no-wrinkle. Enough said. A year-round staple for me!

Knit Mini Donna Set: $39, regularly $78

This is knit, and it’s actually a top-and-shorts set! One of Emma’s favorite summer outfits.

Braylin Stretch Shift Dress $69, regularly $198

This is a stretchy material and therefore super comfy.

Bonni Dress: $278, regularly $98

I can’t pull this off, haha. Too old. But some of you younger gals would look incredible in it!

Judith Ruffle Top: $34, regularly $138

Preppy with a twist!

UPF 50+ Luxletic 28″ Corsco Pant: $49, regularly $138

These are advertised as golf pants, but they shouldn’t be! All-around awesome pants that can totally work as dress pants! Pull-on and stretchy.

Cori Sretch Midi Shirtdress with Lileeze: $89, regularly $248

Lileeze is Lilly’s no-wrinkle material. HIGHLY recommend for those of us who hate ironing, are busy, or are moms.

Elsa Silk Top: $69, regularly $158

An amazing deal on the famous silk top.

Palm Paradise Puffer Vest: $52, regularly $178

Love this vest! I have it from last season’s sale. The lining is so fun and it reminds me of summer when it’s horribly cold here, haha.

Girls’ Stefani Sweater Dress: $34, regularly $78

My brother-in-law’s big wedding was postponed, and instead we’re having a small family wedding at his farm this October. This dress might be wonderful for that?!

Girls Sorrento Dress: $34, regularly $68

Another must-have for littles. (I’m sure you can gather what I’m stocking up on this sale, haha!)

Ophelia Swing Dress: $69, regularly $198

This looks SO comfy.

Marilee Reversible Puffer Jacket: $89, regularly $278

I also have this puffer and LOVE it. It’s so cute, and it’s reversible. I get so many compliments when I wear it! :)

Micole Maxi Dress: $89, regularly $238

One of my all-time favorite maxi dresses. Will share pics soon; I wore it a lot when were down on Captiva in February!

Lelicia Shift Dress: $69, regularly $198

Shorter version!

Sariya Sweater Dress: $59, regularly $168

Adore this, too. I wear it to winter parties and events as it looks fancy yet is oh-so-warm and cozy!

Skipper Velour Ruffle Dress: $59, regularly $158

GET THIS if it’s available in your size. It’s another dress that you won’t be miserable in during the winter. I pair mine with over-the-knee boots!

Carolyn Dress: $84, regularly $268

I can’t decide whether this is perfect or a bit too little girlish. Thoughts?

Joslyn Coolmax Sweater: $39, regularly $128

Great it! Such a great deal. It’s ultra flattering and swingy. Looks amazing on preggos, too. Size down. My belly was HUGE when I was pregnant and I still wore my normal size! Definitely meant to look oversized.

Elba Sweater: $44, regularly $138

Very similar, only with tassels.

Gali Dress: $49, regularly $198

No-wrinkle and can easily be worn year-round.

Zazie Eyelet Top: $49, regularly $138

I have this! It looks adorable paired with white pants.

UPF 50+ Skipper Popover: $59, regularly $98

The ever-popular Skipper Popover is on sale. They sell out quickly, so if you see one in your size, grab it!

UPF 50+ Skipper Popover Dress: $64, regularly $168

Here’s the dress version.

Amina Maxi Dress; $59, regularly $148

Can’t believe this is included! I have it and always bring it to Ocean City with me! :)

Quilted Kat Crossbody Bag: $79, regularly $188

Looks like Chanel, no?!

Gabby Stretch Shift Dress in Longer Length: $69, regularly $218

Longer length for those of us who want that. (#me)

Joslyn Coolmax Sweater: $39, regularly $128

In gray! Looks so cute with black or navy leggings.

Natalie Shirtdress Coverup: $59, regularly $118

Best coverup.

Clary Polo Dress: $69, regularly $148

The cutest spin on the classic polo dress.

Packable Beach Mat: $54, regularly $128

Do you have a beach mat yet?! If not, time to get one. They’re amazing. We shove one under our stroller every time we go out just in case we stop by a park.

Annabelle Baby Dress: $29, regularly $58

I love this. Wish it were available in Lucy’s size!

Klara Dress: $64, regularly $198


Girls Kim Dress: $29, regularly $68

The pineapple print!

Jennifer Shift Dress: $74, regularly $228

White eyelet dress. If you don’t have one yet, now’s your chance!

Girls Little Kinley Dress: $44, regularly $108

Ordered this for Emma. :)

Hollie Tunic Dress: $59, regularly $148

Can’t get enough of swing dresses.

Carlotta Maxi Dress: $79, regularly $248

This is beautiful!

Alexa Stretch Shift Dress: $64, regularly $198

Shorter length.

Carlotta Maxi Dress: $79, regularly $248

I wish I had somewhere to go. (Said everyone in 2020.)

Kaia Knit Tunic Top: $44, normally $88

This is a knit terry material! I find myself reaching for mine all the time when I’m at the beach.

Cherlyn Soft Shift Dress: $64, regularly $198

Such a classic Lilly shift. I have a few that look so similar!

Scalloped Tonda Polo Dress: $49, regularly $148

It’s scalloped. Enough said.

Arie Stretch Shift Dress: $74, regularly $228

Love that it has short sleeves!

Westwood Coolmax Sweater: $44, regularly $148

Well this is happy and adorable.

Woodbury Cardigan: $69, normally $168

Own this! I wear it over camisoles on chillier nights.

High-Rise Leggings: $64, regularly $108

Yes to these. Highly recommend. Can also wear them with a white button-up and SO CUTE.

Parigi Maxi Dress: $89, regularly $228


Bailee Dress: $54, regularly $98

One of my favorite t-shirt dresses now with a square neckline!

Nichola Maxi Dress: $79, regularly $218

I’m maxi dress-obsessed. (Drobsessed? Nope. Didn’t work.)

Anastasia Stretch Dress: $79, regularly $248

Mom, you would look AMAZING in this!

Davie Dress: $42, regularly $98

The year of the t-shirt dress. Here for it.