Hiiiii, guys! I took the weekend off from blogging for a few reasons, but woo! I’m back.



Reason 1: Renovations are OVER! Well, we’re waiting on the vanity light fixture for the bathroom as well as doors and paint for the nursery/guest room project. (Doors/light fixture to be installed this Thursday, and painting to happen next week.) But the crews have vacated, the materials have left the premises, and the constant decision-making has stopped. However, the house was covered in dust, and boxes were everywhere up until Sunday morning. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t keep up with the construction dust! So we dedicated Friday, Saturday and a bit of Sunday to finishing the fireplace paint job and unpacking and deep-cleaning, and the house is now SPARKLING. I can’t even express how awesome it feels. It’s like we just moved in! Our bedroom still needs a little organizing work, but everything else is nice and orderly, and we feel like new people because of it. Hard to believe that after a year of torture, all of this is ending! Thanks for always listening to me gripe. ;) Can’t wait to share some final reveal posts in the coming weeks!


Reason 2: Gracie had her first birthday party on Saturday! (Gracie is Emily and Doug’s daughter, and basically the cutest/happiest baby ever.) The event was held at a park, and it was so fun. It was wonderful catching up with Emily and Doug and Kit and Charles, and so great to finally meet Liz and Dave. (Liz and I have been internet friends for a long time, and it’s kind of been a running joke that we’d never met in person because we have so many mutual friends!) I have to tell you: I can’t wait to be part of the “baby community.” That sounds really weird, but Mitch and I caught a glimpse of it on Saturday and loved it. :) Such an exciting phase!


Reason 3: It’s the week of East Coast friends! On Sunday, Tara (my best friend from Fairfield) and Mike (her awesome husband) arrived from Connecticut. We’re spending the week roaming around Chicago with Mike the Tour Guide (the man seriously knows SO much more about the city than Mitch and I do, haha), and I’m so excited. Yesterday, we had lunch at Athenian Room, went shopping on Armitage/Halstead, had ice cream at Annette’s, grabbed drinks at State, spent some quality time with Noodle, and went out for deep dish at Pequods. It was the perfect day, and I’m so grateful to have our friends in! This Wednesday, one of my very best friends from high school, Katie (and her husband, Darren) arrive, too! I’m a very lucky girl.

Anyway, without further ado, more “Life, Lately” photos:


I love Summer Mitch! ;) One of the best parts of having him home is our daily breakfasts together. (Cutest mug ever, no?)


Noodle loves it, too.


Rebecca’s bachelorette took place this past weekend, and I was SO sad to miss it! (Since I’m four weeks out, I can’t travel.) All my high school girlfriends in Ocean City and at wineries?! Sigh. I love you, Rebec! Happy bachelorette! You are STUNNING!


We’ve been going to Annette’s way too often. I blame Baby Larkin. ;)


Emily recently loaned me her copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I’ve wanted to read forever but was too nervous that it would be a bit depressing with all the construction/craziness going on. It’s the perfect read for me now, though, and has totally been helping with nesting. ;) Thanks, Em!


Lunch date at Parlor. I love summer!


Our neighbor, Graig, owns Black Angel Saucery, and it was so fun visiting his booth at the Taste of Randolph!


Working on a fun project with Dutch Boy. We’re painting an accent wall in the guest room, and then hanging a ton of gold frames. :) What shade of green?!


Snuggles with my Girl.


Long walks.


A snap from our boating adventure!


Noodle at the park. She was the PDA Police, and barked like crazy at the couple making out in the grass behind her. Good thing they found it so funny, because we were mortified. ;)


Hanging out with Sam (our friend Jenny’s dog) at The Dock. Such a fun night!


Nothing better than live music at the beach.


Sam and Noods, chillin’.


EVERYONE I KNOW IS SEEING RYAN ADAMS THIS SUMMER AND I’M DEVASTATED. Our friends Dan and Laura (pictured above), my in-laws, my brother- and sister-in-law, Tara and Mike… the list goes on and on. He’s even playing in Central Park on our anniversary. :( RA, why aren’t you coming to Chicago so I can see you?! Tears…


So many photos of Noodle. Sorry, but so cute, right?!


From Mitch’s 8th grade graduation last week. So sweet. My favorite part was when the kids went crazy when Mitch walked onto the stage. I may have cried. ;) So proud of Hubby and his kids!


Our little painting buddy.

Okay, off to enjoy the day with our friends! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!