Echo Show 5 / Audible Subscription / Air Popper / Travel French Press Mug / How to Cook Everything / Bocce Ball Set / Electric Smoker / Meta Quest 2 / Fossil Watch / Mini Single-Serve Keurig / Wireless Charging Tray / AeroGarden / Mini Tech Kit

Father’s Day is on SUNDAY. Not to brag, but Mitch and my dad are the best. I want them to feel loved and appreciated every day, but especially on Father’s Day! Alas, my time management doesn’t always make the effort. 😉 This is why Amazon is my favorite website. Anything you want, delivered in two days? Perfect. Everything here should arrive in time for Father’s Day, but double check the delivery date because it can depend on where you live!

Echo Show 5: Mitch is (obviously 😂) the techie of the family and got this to put on our kitchen island years ago. You can set up routines, stream, control other smart devices, and SO MUCH MORE. It’s the coolest.

Audible Subscription: I don’t know anyone who’s been disappointed by the gift of unlimited audiobooks! And, let’s be honest, what dad actually has time to sit down and read?

Air Popper: Mitch has always been convinced that microwaved popcorn is gross, and now I do too. We love this little thing! Also, Mitch makes our popcorn with coconut oil instead of butter. Try it!

Travel French Press Mug: Okay, how neat is this?! You can brew your coffee/tea on the go, and then drink it, in this one tumbler. Brilliant! Especially for the dad who’s always running late for work.

How to Cook Everything: This isn’t the cutest cookbook, but it IS Mitch’s favorite. Like, ever. There really does seem to be a recipe for everything! It’s the gift that keeps on giving—for everyone. 😉

Bocce Ball Set: Guys. Have I ever told you that Mitch was a bocce coach in college?! I’m loving the old school look of these balls. It *almost* makes up for the fact that I’ll never, ever, EVER win against him. Ever.

Electric Smoker: Another gift that keeps on giving! Smoked meat, vegetables, etc. just taste better.

Meta Quest 2: Three words: Virtual. Reality. Headset. Mitch really wants one of these, but if I buy it, I may never see him again. (JK. Kind of. 🤣 On second thought, better to not gift it!)

Fossil Watch: Five years ago, I got to surprise Mitch with his dream watch. This one looks similar and also has awesome reviews, but for a fraction of the cost!

Mini Single-Serve Keurig: For the dad who drinks a zillion cups of coffee a day and doesn’t want to leave his office to make them haha.

Wireless Charging Tray: It’s a charging station, it’s a tray, it’s… both! This is PERFECT for his bedside or desk, especially if he’s always losing his charger. Plus, it’s so pretty!

AeroGarden: Even the brownest thumb (ahem, hi) can use this gardening gadget. Insert the pods, turn on the light, and you’re done! Easy peasy.

Mini Tech Kit: Who remembers the famous Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits?! Their mini tech kit includes essentials like a 2-in-1 charging cable, phone/tablet stand, and microfiber screen cloth. Perfect for their car, backpack, or desk!