Guys, are weddings not the best? I just love love. We attended a beloved family member’s wedding recently (love you, Conor and Megan!) and it reminded me of how much FUN it is to get dressed up. It was also nice to feel put together for once. 🤣 Anyway, I was inspired to round up some summer wedding guest dresses for you. And the best part is, they’re all under $150!


Flutter Sleeve Floral Maxi / Washable Silk Cowl Neck Midi / One-Shoulder Floral Midi ($54!) / Angel Sleeve O-Ring Maxi / One-Shoulder Midi / Plunge Cowl Back Maxi / Sweetheart Floral Midi / Floral Slip Maxi / Washable Silk Square-Neck Maxi / Puff Sleeve Floral Midi ($79!) / Ric Rac Maxi ($49!) / Sheer Puff Sleeve Floral Midi

Flutter Sleeve Floral Maxi: Oh my gosh, this is SO PRETTY. I don’t wear a lot of purple, but I’ll make an exception for this dress. 😉

Washable Silk Cowl Neck Midi: Yes, you read that right—WASHABLE. Quince is the best you can get at this price, and you’ll wear the dress forever. The neckline isn’t too low and the slit isn’t too high—it’s all just right.

One-Shoulder Floral Midi: $54 and the reviews are amazing! This dress even comes in 18 different prints, because you know, options. The tiered ruffle skirt is perfect for twirling on the dance floor. Am I right or am I right?!

Angel Sleeve O-Ring Maxi: This isn’t necessarily a dupe for the dress I wore at Conor and Megan’s wedding, but the silhouette is definitely similar. I love Abercrombie because pretty much everything they sell comes in petite, regular, and tall so you don’t have to tailor as much.

One-Shoulder Midi: This is the kind of dress you buy and wear to every single special occasion going forward. It’s timeless—and comes in 13 colors! The bow on the shoulder, obviously, is the best part.

Plunge Cowl Back Maxi:  Another classic dress. And another Abercrombie find, which means it’s available in petite, regular, and tall!

Sweetheart Floral Midi: This print is SO cute. At first it looks like an abstract painted with watercolor, but up close it’s the prettiest floral. It’s also colorful, but not too busy if you’re going to be in pictures!

Floral Slip Maxi: This floral print is the exact opposite of the one next to it 😂, but I love it so much. (Am I cool enough to wear a dress that bold? Jury’s still out haha.)

Washable Silk Square-Neck Maxi: Another washable dress for the win! Quince so gets me. Plus, it’s classic and you can style it a zillion different ways.

Puff Sleeve Floral Midi: I had to double check the price on this because I couldn’t believe it was $79. It looks at least double that!

Ric Rac Maxi: Coming in at $49, this is the cheapest dress on the list! It’s a little more casual than the others but I just couldn’t resist the ric rac. Adorable.

Sheer Puff Sleeve Floral Midi: I think of this as totally my style… if I were a little more fun. 🤣 I mean, those sheer sleeves!