Happy birthday to my amazing father!

Dad, I love you so much. You’re my friend, biggest supporter (you know, besides Mom), and moral guide. Let’s face it. You’re also my life coach. (Sorry about that. Stuck with me for life.) ;) 

Thank you for driving hours upon hours to find a replacement Cabbage Patch Kid after you put mine through security screening by itself and lost it. ;) Thank you for reading me bedtime stories until you were blue in the face. Thank you for leaving me notes in my desk during parent/teacher conferences. Thank you for coming to my field hockey games even though I was pretty bad. Thank you for instilling in me a love for music. Thank you for taking me on a zillion college tours (and helping me apply to just as many) when I couldn’t make up my mind. Thank you for tutoring me in math for 16 years. Thank you for the plane/boat rides. Thank you for father/daughter dinner nights. Thank you for always taking my phone calls–even when it’s midnight and I’m in tears because I’m tired and irrational. Thank you for helping me learn how to be an adult. (Yikes. Still going on.) Thank you for your advice. Thank you for being my role model. Thank you for showing me the importance of honest, hard work. Thank you for showing me what it means to be kind, selfless, loving, humble and good. Thank you for showing me that above all else, family is what matters most. Thank you for shaping me into the person I am today.

I love you more than you’ll ever know, Dad! Happy birthday!