Halloween Home Decor

Bat Garland / Black Metal Haunted Houses / Wicker Skull / Bat Decorative Stickers / Orange Candles / Woven Pumpkins / Faux Floral Arrangement / Black & White Halloween Kitchen Towels / White Decorative Spiderweb / Giant Spider Decoration / Orange Eyes Spider / Bats Double Old-Fashioned Glass / Spiderweb Metal Halloween Beverage Tub / Black and White Gingham Door Mat / Dachshund Skeleton / Ghosts / Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker / Pumpkin Spatulas / Pumpkin Cocotte / Amber Velvet Throw Pillow / Black and White Throw Pillow / Dachshund Ghost Throw Pillow

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of Halloween home decor:

Bat Garland: We have a ghost garland hung above our fireplace, but I also love this bat one.

Black Metal Haunted Houses: These metal house candle holders would look cute on a mantle or a bookshelf.

Wicker Skull: A great Amazon find!

Bat Decorative Stickers: We hung these up around our front door two years ago. Swap out the stickers they come with in favor of the 3M stuff. That way, you don’t have to worry about wrecking your door!

Orange Candles: These orange candles would make a gorgeous centerpiece.

Woven Pumpkins: How gorgeous are these rattan pumpkins!

Faux Floral Arrangement: This faux floral arrangement is so good for fall.

Black & White Halloween Kitchen Towels: I love these cute kitchen towels.

White Decorative Spiderweb: For Halloween, we hang a giant decorative spiderweb over the bay window and add some climbing spiders, I love the way it looks, but learn from my mistake and make sure to attach the spiders before hanging haha.

Giant Spider Decoration: These are the climbing spiders for the web.

Orange Eyes Spider: This giant spider for $4 is another great option.

Bats Double Old-Fashioned Glass: How cute is this halloween-themed glassware?

Spiderweb Metal Halloween Beverage Tub: If you’re having a potluck before trick-or-treating, this would be a fun way to store drinks.

Black and White Gingham Door Mat: I love this layering door mat.

Dachshund Skeleton: His name is “Booooooodle”.

Ghosts: They light up! We put these on the balcony.

Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker: We definitely don’t need any more appliances, but this waffle iron is only $12. Pumpkin-shaped waffles would be such a cute Halloween treat.

Pumpkin Spatulas: These spatulas are wonderful for baking.

Pumpkin Cocotte: And this is the perfect pot for making big batches of soup.

Amber Velvet Throw Pillow: I love these velvet throw pillow. They’re available in a bunch of warm fall colors.

Black and White Throw Pillow: Another cute throw pillow.

Dachshund Ghost Throw Pillow: Saved the best for last, haha.