J.Crew Quilted Cocoon Coat | 15+ Things 10/4

40-50 percent off J.Crew starts nowThe quilted cocoon coat is 50 percent off today, and the wool cocoon coat is 40 percent off! (Use code “SHOPFALL.”) They’re the BEST, and the sale price is phenomenal. Both run large. Size down!

Hello! It’s been a while. Here’s what comes to mind this morning:

  • We’re still battling back-to-back-to-back-to-school illnesses over here and it’s wearing on me. Frankly it’s been a disaster. 😆 I am struggling. (Hence my absence.) Thankfully, the girls are currently illness-free. I, however, am still fighting something off. I thought I was totally done with it late last week, and actually had a nice weekend with the fam! But then on Sunday night, bam. It came back with a vengeance. (I suppose it could be a new bug?! I don’t know.) I can’t sleep because the coughing keeps me up all night, which is definitely prolonging things—and I now have strained stomach muscles, too. HA. It’s so defeating; I’m just praying I turn the corner this week. I need my life back! (Sorry to complain. I do feel a bit better having vented, though. I love my little captive audience. 😉)
  • DEAL OF THE DAY: Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots are 37 percent off! Ahhh. This is awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them discounted for this much, and the best color is included! Go a half size up. Warmest boots on the planet! Couldn’t live without them in Chicago.
  • Mitch and I attended Parents’ Night Out and it was so much fun! It was outside, on the Godfrey rooftop, and absolutely stunning. (This, of course, was when I was feeling fine.) Major thanks to my friend Amy, who’s class mom for Emma’s crew, for putting it together. Our mouths were on the floor! Mitch and I also got to go to dinner beforehand at Erie Cafe, which is a riverside steakhouse that blew us both away. It’s in such a cool area and I can’t recommend visiting enough!
  • Emma made student council and I cannot tell you how thrilled she is. We got to watch a video from the awards ceremony, and I predictably cried. It was just so wonderful seeing her classmates cheer for her as she proudly walked down the bleachers and accepted her pin, which she gets to wear every day for the whole school year. Lucy, btw, is totally pissed that she can’t wear it and it’s becoming quite the thing. 😆

  • Tuckernuck’s new arrivals are amazing. My absolute favorites are the camel Emerson Dress, the Dakota Dress, this PERFECT black watch plaid flannel shirt, the Mod Mini Dress and the Olive St. Barth’s Tote.
  • We spent a weekend in Three Lakes, Wisconsin visiting my parents, the girls’ great-grandmother, and her lovely husband! Lucy was an absolute riot and immediately ran to and hugged them. I really need to get around to sharing the handful of photos I took, because it was such a special visit!
  • Why do most liquid children’s medicine syringes not fit into their respective medicine bottles? Are the companies trying to drive us mad? And where do they disappear to? To some magic ibuprofen/aecetamefatin land? I just went crazy and bought them in bulk on Amazon, btw.
  • Emma, Lucy and I had another girls’ day, and they were the sweetest and happiest. We did all the usual things, as Emma didn’t want to change anything—but next time I will be insisting we do something different. We’re becoming Sunday regulars at certain establishments, haha.
  • I found an awesome illustrated version of Harry Potter, and I’m hoping it’ll be a hit with Emma. My idea is to read a chapter and then watch that portion of the movie for further understanding. We’ll see how it goes! So far we’ve read four pages and she isn’t exactly invested. 🙈

  • Here are my favorite faux pumpkins ^ and here they are via Amazon. They’re phenomenal. You really can’t go wrong with any of them! They’re pricey but a wonderful investment. No rats, which is a must for sanitary purposes—and they’re weighted, so they won’t blow away.

  • These are my favorite faux mums. ^ The ones we own are sold out, but I rounded up my current picks and hope that’s helpful! (Right now we have our second round of real mums out, but it’s only a matter or time before I kill them. RIP original mums.)