Gift Guide for the Coworker

Snack Box / Personalized Leather Notepad / Freshly Baked Cookie Dough Oreo Stuffed Brownies / Woodsy Candle / Hand Cream / Match Striker / Laptop Case / Leather Desk Blotter / Loose Leaf Tea Tin Set / Cold Brew Maker / Electric Mug Warmer / Yeti Tumbler / Personalized Leather Airpod Case / Laptop Stand / Cook This Book by Molly Baz / Leather Catchall Tray

Shopping for coworkers can be tricky, especially ones you don’t know as well. So if you’re looking for simple gifts that anyone would love, I’ve put together a couple of gift ideas that a. won’t break the bank and b. are still practical and thoughtful!

Snack Box: A little emergency snack tray of dried fruit and nuts for a quick and easy snack during the workday.

Personalized Leather Notepad: A beautiful piece of stationery to have out on your desk. The personalization option makes it even more thoughtful.

Freshly Baked Cookie Dough Oreo Stuffed Brownies: When in doubt you can’t go wrong with freshly baked oreo cookie dough brownies delivered straight to work.

Woodsy Candle: There are so many raving reviews about this candle scent. It’s more of a woodsy smell, so it’s great for girls and guys alike.

Hand Cream: A really lovely hand cream to keep on their desk.

Match Striker: It would be a perfect gift to go along with the candle mentioned above.

Laptop Case: If they don’t already have a laptop case, this slim and modern one is a great option!

Leather Desk Blotter: This beautiful Italian leather desk blotter would look great on anyone’s desk, and again, the option to monogram this makes it even more thoughtful.

Loose Leaf Tea Tin Set: For the tea lover — get a beautiful gift set of two tins of loose leaf tea.

Cold Brew Maker: For the coffee snob that has it all, this cold brew maker is compact and super easy to use.

Electric Mug Warmer: This electric mug warmer is under $30! Keeps their coffee hot while they’re at their desk all day long.

Yeti Tumbler: Another go-to for keeping your coffee hot all day long.

Personalized Leather Airpod Case: You can’t beat this $35 find which has the option for personalization! This leather case is designed to protect your Airpods and makes sure you never mix yours up with anyone else’s again.

Laptop Stand: A BIG game-changer for anyone working from home!

Cook This Book by Molly Baz: For the coworker who loves to cook!

Leather Catchall Tray: Designed to keep the small things that come across your desk daily neat and organized.