Garmin vívomove Luxe

I’m not great with technology. I use and appreciate it, of course; I just wouldn’t say it’s an area of strength for me. I frequently throw up my hands when I have computer issues, I lose passwords, I’ve long rejected the idea of online calendars, I resist software updates, and I forget to respond to texts or miss them completely. And my e-mail inbox? Nothing short of a disaster. 😉

But I can operate a smartwatch. So if you’re like me–someone who regularly holds out against new technology 😜–hear me out for a second.

Garmin recently came out with the vívomove Luxe hybrid smartwatch, and it’s extremely easy to use. It’s geared toward on-the-go mothers, fitness gurus, business professionals, and fashionistas… and it’s designed to help you keep up with everything you have going on. A great way to start the new year off right!

It’s also pretty. Seems like a silly thing, but if I’m going to be wearing a smartwatch–or any watch, for that matter–I want it to look classic, not like an athleisure accessory. The one I chose is white and gold, and it goes with nearly any outfit I’m wearing. :)

A few cool features

  • Body Battery: The watch tells you what your energy levels are throughout the day so you can identify the best times for activity. It also measures hydration!
  • Fitness Tracking:  It tracks steps, floors climbed, heart rate and intensity minutes–just to name a few.
  • Smart Notifications: It’s customizable, so don’t think that the watch is going to be bothering you every two seconds. But you can program it to tell you when you receive an email or text. (Or communication in another form.)
  • Battery Life: It’ll last up to five days without charging. It’s like a Kindle! I never remember to charge the thing and somehow it still always works. 😂 MAGIC!

How to get it up and running

This, though, is what I love the most: how simple it is to set it up. I had a smartwatch a few years ago, and I struggled with programming it. User error, I’m sure, haha. But the vívomove Luxe is ridiculously easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Charge the watch and download the “Garmin Connect” app on your phone.
  2. Create an account and click “log in.”
  3. Select what watch you have from a menu of pictures.
  4. Make sure the watch is plugged in and then click “Pair.” (At first, when I saw this direction, I was like, “No way I’ll be able to do this.” But lo! You just click a button in the app and then it gives you a code and then it connects. Great job, Garmin. Literally every other device I’ve ever tried to connect via bluetooth has failed me, so this was a wonderful surprise!)
  5. Follow the easy steps to personalize your watch and tell it what you want it to do for you!

Why it’s personally helpful for me

  • I can monitor communication while outside in the winter without taking off my gloves. This might sound a little ridiculous, but it’s been awesome. I suffer from Raynaud’s, which is a circulatory disease, and I run the risk of frostbite if my hands and feet are exposed for too long. Now, though, I can just look at my wrist–gloves still on–and see if it’s something important.
  • I can set timers and alarms without taking out my phone. I mostly use this for work-related block scheduling purposes. (One hour to write a draft, for example, or 20 minutes for a quick shoot.) But I also use it while at the playground, and it’s very useful. I love the playground, and I easily lose track of time. The watch keeps me on schedule and prevents us from being late. ;)
  • I can leave my phone in my bag so I’m present. On the flip side, I try really, really hard not to look at my phone very often when I’m with my family. However, up until recently, I wasn’t comfortable with putting it on silent or leaving it in another room in case of emergencies. (Calls re: grandparents, or perhaps Mitch is with one child and I’m with the other and something happens.) Now, though, I can quickly glance at my phone and make an educated decision about whether “it can wait” or I should pick up/respond.
  • It tracks steps. I take Lucy on a long speed walk every day, and place a lot of importance on that. Chicago is tough in the winter, and both of us need to see the sun and get fresh air. It is, however, FRIGID. I try to take a different route every day, and the watch essentially tells me when it’s time to go back in and warm up, haha. (Don’t worry. Lucy is nice and toasty during our walks. Wish I ran hot like she does!)
  • It encourages me to drink more water. I swear I could go an entire day without drinking a glass of water. I just never think to do it, even when I’m sitting at my desk with a glass in front of me. Clearly I have some major issues, haha, but the watch has significantly improved my water intake. In short, it is keeping me alive.
  • I no longer have to have my wallet on me. It goes without saying that I try to remember it. 🙈 But I’m forgetful, and I often discover that it’s in another bag or sitting on the countertop. (Other times, I totally have it but it’s at the bottom of my tote and I can’t find it. Anyone else with me?!) Garmin Pay lets me load credit cards onto it, and I pay by simply waving it over a store’s contactless payment device. It also works with the subway! Pretty convenient.

So tell me: Do you use a smartwatch? If so, what do you like about it? If not, could you possibly see yourself using one in the future?

Garmin vívomove Luxe smartwatch
Garmin vívomove Luxe smartwatch
Garmin vívomove Luxe smartwatch
Garmin vívomove Luxe smartwatch
Garmin vívomove Luxe smartwatch
Garmin smartwatch

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