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Okay, guys. I need to be real with you for a minute.

Last Friday, I had a moment. I’d nearly killed myself to meet all my deadlines that week and be a good mom at the same time. But something happened with a client that afternoon, and it was the straw that broke the sleep-deprived camel’s back. I broke down and cried. Like, cried hard.

Emma cried, too. Turns out she was just gassy, though. ;)

A few hours later, our little family headed off to my in-laws’ lake house for a relaxing weekend. And while I was there, I did some serious thinking, and came to the realization that I wasn’t happy with how I was living my life.

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote this post about why I’m not taking a maternity leave. And in that post, I said: “I’m simply cutting back in certain areas and working smarter, not harder.”

But here’s the thing: I’m not sure I was actually doing that. Maybe I thought I was, but in reality, I was working as hard as I possibly could… to prove something to myself? To see how much I could handle before breaking? I don’t even know.

But the bottom line is that I’m not going to be a crazy lady anymore. I’m pumping the breaks and making some changes. And I’m so, so much happier. I took this past Monday and Tuesday “off” so I could just spend the days with Emma. It was ah-mah-zing! We played on our tummies, sang songs, danced, ran errands, cleaned up, snuggled, walked all over Lincoln Park, and met up with Mitch after he got out of work.

I, by the way, wore my new Taylor Shine boots from I used to have a similar no-name pair that unfortunately fell apart way too quickly. I loved the look and low heel height, though, and had been on a search for a replacement pair ever since. When I saw that Clarks had come out with the Taylor Shine boots, I immediately ordered them! They. Are. So. Comfy. They have a super padded footbed, and that amazing low heel height allows for all-day wear. I raved so much about them that my mom ordered them in both brown and black, haha. (I know I’ve spoken about this before, but my mom has some major foot problems. The fact that she says they’re comfortable means that they’re essentially the comfiest shoes on the planet! Am I right, Mom?) And you guys know what a huge fan I am of Fast and free shipping, the best return policy in the world, and amazing customer service. There’s no reason not to try the boots, which you’re going to be seeing on the blog a LOT this year. ;)

Anyway. Yes, I did a few hours of work before Emma woke up and after she went to sleep, and I snuck in some social media stuff during naps. But I wasn’t a lunatic. And it was so incredibly nice. I was fully present, and I appreciated every moment with her. The little girl I waited so long for. I should be appreciating every moment. This is what life is all about.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law came up for the day to watch Emma so I could get some work done at a coffee shop. And she’s here this morning, too, so I can do the same. You’re the best, Lisa. Thanks for helping me live (and enjoy) motherhood to the fullest!

Work is important because it partially allows for the wonderful, fulfilling life my family leads. And I’m lucky that I enjoy what I do for a career. But it shouldn’t prevent me from appreciating real life. And with that, I’m off to finish up this morning’s to-do list, and then spend the rest of my day with my little one. :)

Life is beautiful and I am blessed. No more mental breakdowns, Kelly.