Another goal for 2016? Write more “Chicago Eats” posts. I’m not exactly a food person, but I love the experience of brunching. I love getting dressed up, trying new things, taking in restaurants’ beautiful settings, and snapping low-stress photos of things that don’t move. ;) It’s all just so relaxing.

Admittedly, though, I haven’t been brunching all too often these days on account of the cold, how busy we’ve been with home stuff, and how many expenses we’ve had. So bear with me… the first “restaurant” is actually just a friend’s apartment, haha, and some of these pics are from quite a while ago!

behind the scenes blogging brunch-11


Too funny, right?! But Blair had Lauren and me over for a brunch last week, and it was so much fun. I loved everything, from her amazing table decor and the fabulous company to her colorful food options and the views of the city from place. (The Lipton Tea she served was incredible, too! You have to try.)

behind the scenes blogging brunch-3
behind the scenes blogging brunch-6
behind the scenes blogging brunch-7
behind the scenes blogging brunch-8
behind the scenes blogging brunch-10
behind the scenes blogging brunch-13

Le Colonial

I recently brunched with Ann Taylor at Le Colonial, a beautiful French Vietnamese restaurant located in the Gold Goast. Meant to recapture French Colonial Southeast Asia from the 1920s, let’s just say it’s exactly what I want my house to look like. I didn’t take a lot of interior photos, but just take a look here. The palms?! The board and batten?! The bamboo?!

The food was spectacular, too. My favorite was the artichoke and crabmeat salad. Sigh

le colonial chicago-2
le colonial chicago-8
le colonial chicago-4
le colonial chicago-9
le colonial chicago-15
le colonial chicago-19


The Hampton Social

I know. I’ve covered this one before. And to make matters worse, I’m going back again TODAY. But I can’t help myself. There’s just so much lobster and the atmosphere instantly transports me back to summers on the East Coast. :) Like I said in my last post about The Hampton Social, lobster isn’t as prevalent in Chicago as it is in New York, but Hampton Social offers lobster rolls, lobster mac and cheese, lobster pizzas, lobster deviled eggs, lobster tails and lobster salads. You have to visit.

A few months ago, I attended a Vineyard Vines brunch there, and I don’t think I ever got around to sharing the photos. So here we go!

vineyard vines hampton social-1
vineyard vines hampton social-6
vineyard vines hampton social-23
vineyard vines hampton social-18
vineyard vines hampton social-11
vineyard vines hampton social-4
vineyard vines hampton social-13
vineyard vines hampton social-20
vineyard vines hampton social-2

Rural Society

Located in the Loews Hotel, Rural Society is an Argentinean steakhouse, and is just as awesome as it sounds. Mitch and I celebrated Kit’s birthday there with friends before Chicago turned into #Chiberia, and it was the best time. (Favorite dish? Lamb chops.) Guys, we need to make something like this happen again. (Heart you.) And we need more steak. All the steak.

rural society chicago-11
rural society chicago-17
rural society chicago-7
rural society chicago-5
rural society chicago-9
rural society chicago-15
rural society chicago-16
rural society chicago-19
rural society chicago-21
rural society chicago-24
rural society chicago-28
rural society chicago-29
rural society chicago-30
rural society chicago-31
rural society chicago-200