Back to school season is upon us, so cue the organization before the start of the school year. For the last couple of years, Mitch and I have been devoting 15 minutes every day to one “home task” that’s been bugging us, and I can’t tell you how much of an impact tackling one small project every day has made on our happiness. My problem previously was that I tended to shut down and put off big organizational projects because it was overwhelming. But 15 minutes per day? I can handle that. I’ve been incredibly surprised to see how much I can accomplish in that timeframe. Slowly but surely, things are starting to fall into place! If you’re looking to tackle a few projects before the end of summer, here are some back to school home organization ideas.

First on the list is tackling desks. These clear drawer organizers are great for keeping any homework supplies like pencils, pens, calculators, staplers, etc. neat and easy to find.

These caddies would also be great for storing homework supplies or use them to store actives and crafts. You can also easily personalize these caddies with monogram stickers from Etsy.

I tackled our craft cabinets last summer and LOVE the way it turned out. Opening the cabinets genuinely brings me joy. The clear bins help us quickly locate what we need, and make clean up a breeze.

These stackable clear drawer bins are great for playrooms and closets. You could even go a step further and order custom labels.

Next on the list is pantry organization. This was one of the first home projects we tackled at the beginning of quarantine and one of the most satisfying. I love being able to easily see and access everything in our pantry. This makes packing lunches and after-school snacks easier for everyone.

Another great pantry organizer. The open front enables you or your kids to quickly and easily grab a snack.

If you prefer baskets over clear bins these are wonderful!

This glass tupperware is great for storing leftovers and an easy way to pack lunch. They have vented microwave-safe lids for easy splatter-resistant microwaving and the glass base is also oven safe.

I love this headband organizer. It’s perfect to keep on a dresser, in the closet, or on a bathroom vanity.

Another project to tackle is bathroom drawers. This drawer organizer is great for makeup but also can be used in kids’ bathrooms to hold things like toothpaste, floss, chapstick, hair accessories, etc. A clean and organized bathroom helps getting ready for school and bedtime routines a little bit easier for the whole family.

This hair tool bin is amazing, and I love that the silicone insert helps keep everything even more neat.

The laundry room is next on the list! This set would also be great for organizing cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.

This has been a huge game-changer for me! A few times per day, I collect stuff that’s scattered around the house and either drop it into the “going upstairs” basket or the “going downstairs” (to the playroom) basket. It’s truly become a part of my daily routine. When I go upstairs, I take the contents and put it wherever it belongs, and I do the same when I go downstairs. It’s made SUCH a difference.

Adopting the KonMari folding method has made the biggest difference in terms of how much we can store in Emma’s dresser. It makes everything visible, and as a result, Emma now wears all her clothing. (Not just the stuff on top.) These drawer organizers would be great to help keep all of the folded clothes extra neat!

And lastly larger wicker baskets are great for storing blankets and bedding.