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How I Flipped My First Piece of Furniture

All materials used // Lucy’s room details

So I found this scalloped nightstand on Facebook Marketplace for $50, and I knew it was the perfect piece for trying my hand at furniture refinishing—something I’ve been wanting to get into for a while!

The nightstand had some damage, but instead of repainting, I decided to try to bring it back to natural wood with this orange Citri Strip goo.

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J.Crew Spring Faves

Edie Bag / Sailor Sweater Pants / Solid Sweater Pants / Chanel-Style Flats (On sale!) / New Balance Sneakers (I order a half size up!) / Red Ballet Flats (On sale!) / Sweater Jacket (On sale!) / Hooded Trench

It’s going to hit 70 degrees in Chicago today. 🤯 So of course my mind is on spring! Still, I love that most of these classics can be worn right now, too. (Meaning on normal winter days. 😆) Which is your fave?

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10 Snaps from Rosemary, 2/26

Best White Jeans / Newer Striped Shirt / Cable-Knit Cardigan / Flats / Backpack / Mom’s Beach Sweater (Not exact, but so cute! And this one is very close), Coach Bag (It’s old, but this is my favorite Coach bag on the market, and it’s on Amazon!), Jeans (Factory version here) and Flats

Don’t worry. I cut my hair immediately after this photo was taken. YIKES. 😆

Business & Pleasure Beach Chair Sale

Kids Mini Sling Lauren’s Stripe Chairs / Adult 2-Piece Chairs / Umbrella / Tote Bag (Size Large, Long Handles — Fits under a plane seat!) / $15 Towels / Beach Toys / Swim Vest / Girls’ Hats (How cute is this Target version?!) / Girls’ Jack Rogers (Lucy loves these!) / Water Bottle / Micro SD Card Waterproof Speaker / Oversized Backpack

Quick post today, but I wanted to highlight the awesome Business & Pleasure beach gear sale going on right now. I took advantage as we didn’t have gear down in Rosemary, and I cried happy tears when the setup arrived. Poor Mitch, yes, but let’s be serious: He. Just. Doesn’t. Notice. He happily sits in his pink chair and probably thinks it’s tan or something. That, or he’s just the most phenomenal husband/girl dad ever. 😆

Anyway, WOW.

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Affordable “Unlocking” Favorites

Navy Sweater Jacket / Cable-Knit Tank / Jeans / Sneakers

Here’s the thing about spring in Chicago:

It doesn’t exist. 😂

Not in the sense that we normally think about spring, at least. Kurt Vonnegut once asserted that there are six seasons, not four—and he described March and April as not part of spring, but rather “Unlocking.” (Read the excerpt here for his full explanation! It’s great.) Since reading that, I no longer hate this time of year. And I no longer dress like it’s actual spring, which is May and June.

So how does one dress for Unlocking/Pre-Spring in Chicago? Not in sun dresses and open-toed sandals, that much I’ll tell ya! It’s all about warm cold-weather clothes in hues and patterns we see during actual spring.

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Year-Round Basics I Adore

Quince Patch-Pocket Pants / Camisole / Gucci Loafers / Cuyana Tote / Sweater Blazer

Hello, hello!

Listen, I’m all for finding silver linings during these gloomy months, and one is my January-March color palette: black, camel, olive and blush. (And a spot of hydrangea blue, IDK.) Getting dressed is easy because I’m only selecting from favorite staples. It’s just a matter of creating new combinations every day!

Here are a few looks I’ve worn recently. (All photographed at once because I don’t like wearing shoes in the house and want to disinfect every time I take photos. 😆)