NOA Flow Sectional c/o / Target x Studio McGee Coffee Table (SUCH A DEAL compared to the Pottery Barn coffee table, West Elm coffee table, and CB coffee table!) / Diamond Jute Rug (Also love this very similar one as well as this beauty.) / Pillows / (Nearly identical) Throw Blanket / Curtains / India Hicks: A Slice of England

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t hate winter in Chicago anymore. And I think this is because I’ve shifted our busy home to a relaxing and cozy one. If you’ve been following for a while, you likely remember my maximalist (and pre-parenthood) days. I still really do like that style, but I adore the tranquility that simple and clutter-free design brings. I go to bed and wake up with a clearer mind.

NOA recently offered to send their Flow Sectional, and because we’re hosting dozens of family members for a wedding this spring, I was like, “YES! This is just what we need!” I’m so excited that both girls can comfortably sleep here when we have a packed house… and I’m also thrilled about having a new hangout area in our home. It’s only been set up a few days, but I’m constantly finding myself moving to the couch whenever I feel myself tiring of my desk!

I’m also very much obsessed with the sofa’s minimalist design. I walk into my office and feel both inspired and a sense of calm… and my girls do, too. Emma is constantly coming up to read her Kindle on it, and I love that.

Cabinet / Lamp (Target has an amazing version, too!) / Down to Earth / Eat Drink Nap / 50 Years of New York / Newer Fluted Bowl (Love the brass version as well!) / Framed Sketch / Black Bowl

I’ll tell you that I’ve been putting off painting the trim in our house for five years. It needs it, haha. It’s cracking and peeling and yellowing, but wow. It’s a big job. And while I know that getting started 90 percent of the battle, I’m intimidated because every rooms flows into the next. Like, there’s no way I could just paint one area. That said, I love this little nook in our stair landing. Yes, it’s surrounded by yellowing paint. But it’s a reminder that I can take this on a little bit at a time. (I think?! Talk to me in a year and see if I’ve made any progress.)

Similar Desk / Chair / Brass Dachshund / Travel Home / Home Body / Rug / Sconce / Curtains

I found the perfect nightstand for Lucy on Facebook Marketplace, so I moved her old one up to our bedroom and made a little writing desk. I love it. It’s such a lovely place to start my day, if only for a few minutes.

Rug / Bed / Duvet / Bench / Lamps / Nightstands / Desk Chair / Chandelier / Sconce

This pic gives you a better idea of where the writing desk is. :) Hosted a little playdate for Lucy recently, and found these two munchkins here!

Noodle feels otherwise about the winter. She’s snuggled up in her (my) ChappyWrap.

Nightstand/Desser / Duvet Cover / Bed / Trunk / Wallpaper / Rug / Scalloped Shelves / Custom Name Banner / Lumbar Pillow

She’s my little shadow. I was folding laundry in Emma’s room one night, and she wanted nothing more than to sleep on her bed while I did it. Good dog, Noodle.

I found this beauty on Marketplace for only $125! It’s going in Emma’s room, but it’s here temporarily until I strip the paint. It’s going to be SO cute in there!

Striped Sofa / Pillows / Lamp / End Tables / Magnolia Brass Frames / Scalloped Rattan Frames / Bow Frame / Cane Box / Cane Frame / Fluted Bowl / Duck Bookends / Wooden Links / Diamond Jute Rug (Also love this very similar one as well as this beauty.) / AD at 100 / Woven Bag / Made for Living / India Hicks / The House That Pinterest Built / The Beauty of Home / Chanel

A corner of the office before the new couch went in!

Similar Striped Sweater / Slippers

My brother-in-law giving us some guidance before “The Big [Chicago] Dig.” Had we known how huge of a project this was going to be, I’m not sure we would have undertaken it. 😆 But I’m so glad we did.

John is extraordinary with carpentry, and he’s built himself built-ins all over the country. (He moves a lot, haha.) And he’s been such an awesome mentor for Mitch while he’s been learning!

Look at this progress! Only because I am the one putting together this post, I know that at the bottom, you’ll see even greater progress, haha. But I remember walking down to this in the morning and feeling so excited. Yes, it’s a small area of our home, but it plays such a big role in our lives. I can’t wait to get hooks up and simplifying the getting-home-from-school process! Backpacks and jackets on the wall; shoes in the drawer. Love it.


Mitch cut and installed a stair skirt and my mind is still blown that he was able to do this. They’re not super challenging if the stairs are open, as you can easily trace and make yourself a little template. Not so much when they’re up against a wall, though!

Can you even?! We’re getting so close. (And by “we” I mean Mitch, as the only thing I’ve done thus far is paint.) Next up is touch-up, installing the bench and shelf, and putting up hooks. The paint color is Benjamin Moore “October Mist.”