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Pom-Pom Beach Tunic (Sold out; shop my other favorite pom-pom products below!)

I’m not doing very much shopping these days, as I’m pretty limited in terms of what I can wear. ;) I’ve invested in a few pairs of maternity jeans (my favorites are the Paige Skyline and J.Crew’s Toothpick), a couple of Lilly Pulitzer maxi dresses, a larger Elsa, and two or three t-shirts… but I’m hoping I can somehow make it until July without acquiring too much more.

First, Mitch and I have a ton of construction- and baby-related expenses right now. Second, I find it kind of silly to spend money on clothing I can only wear for the next few months. (What happens if my next pregnancy is a winter one?!) Third, I’m trying really hard to cut down on what I own. (While we now have more space than we’ve ever had before, the goal is to have a capsule wardrobe this year. Less is more.) And FOURTH, I kind of love the simplicity that’s come along with being pregnant. (As I only have a few pieces that fit, getting ready in the morning requires almost no thought. That said, it makes running this blog very difficult, haha.)

Still, I can’t help but browse. I’m headed to Nantucket next month with Jess to visit family and attend the wine festival, and in terms of the attire situation, I already have some major FOMO. I’ll undoubtedly be wearing my maxi dresses throughout the trip, longingly gazing at Jess’ wine glass… but below are some of the things I wish I could pack. ;)

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Delsey Full Collection Here

OH! My suitcase recently broke, so, per Jess’ recommendation, I upgraded my luggage to the Delsey Chatelet collection. I truly couldn’t recommend the line more! It reminds me of the much more expensive Louis Vuitton luggage, yet it’s crazy durable and I don’t feel badly checking it. (The white version simply wipes clean!) I ADORE it. (Full collection here.)




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