50 Percent off J.Crew

Pom Pom Cable-Knit Sweater

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a more special post going live tonight, so check back in when the tryptophan hits. ;) But I hope everyone is having a lovely day with friends and/or family, and I hope you know how grateful I am to have you, even if we’ve never spoken before! Thank you for following along with us and for allowing us to share our lives with you. ❤️

In case you’re having a slow start to Turkey Day, I thought I’d pop in with my recommendations for the giant J.Crew Sale. If you’re a rewards member, you can take 50 percent off (and 60 percent off discounted products) with code “SHOPFIRST.” And if you’re not, you can take 40 percent off your purchase with code “WHYWAIT.” (Though seriously: sign up for the rewards and get the extra percentage off! There’s no credit card and no drawbacks. It’s just a fun club with perks, haha.)

Okay! Here’s what I’m lovin’:

I’m so into Pom Pom sweaters. I have one that I’ve owned and loved for years, but this one and the one at the top of the post is definitely giving it a run for its money! This one just looks so soft. Love the idea of wearing it with leggings since it’s longer!

DEFINITELY what I’m wearing for New Year’s this year, since it’s sparkly but also casual. (It’s actually the classic boatneck shirt underneath that we also know and love! Here’s the original striped version! I wear the striped one so often that I own three.)

Mom, this is calling your name. Absolutely adorable. Festive AND warm!

I own these pants, and I’ll definitely be wearing them to one of the Christmas parties at my parents’ house in December! They’re insanely comfortable, flattering (high-rise!), and they make a statement. They also come in some less flashy colors if you’re not into the GORGEOUS RED. Haha.

Let’s talk coats! This is the winner; the cocoon is rarely discounted this much and now’s the time to pounce, since everything is usually sold out by January. (Sometimes earlier!) This is certainly my favorite wool coat. The double-cloth wool is insanity, and it’s truly the only wool coat I can wear and survive in here in Chicago. SO.WARM. Size down, as it’s roomy. (I usually like my J.Crew coats in a size 2, but I went with the 0 in this one and it’s still roomy! In a great way, though.)

I don’t have this one, but it’s made of the same double-cloth wool that the Cocoon is. It’s beautiful! That fur and those pockets are something. :)

The Lady Day Coat isn’t as warm as the Cocoon or Chateau, but it’s the warmest dress coat I’ve ever tried because of the Thinsulate. I LOVE it in the white color. (But I own it in the light blue and hot pink from years ago! Still in my closet.)

BOOM! They’re a must this holiday season. I keep on reaching for them! They’re high-rise, making them ultra comfy and flattering. Completely TTS.

And the red tartan is BACK! Phew. That was close. Thought they were all gone but J.Crew pulled out the big guns for this sale.

Favorite pair of PJs. They’re lightweight yet super cozy and soft… and they’re wrinkle-resistant! They also come in a stripe.

#1 sweater of the year. Supersoft Yarn for the win. I went up one size in mine for a cozier feel; it’s my go-to these days!

The classic sweater blazer. Runs large. Size down. Great for when you want to look polished but you’re also freezing.

Now in black watch plaid!

So into the topknot headbands these days. Emma’s SUPER into them, too! (She asked me for more the other day. So cute.)

Here it is in the tartan. I’ll be wearing it all season long.

Best leather gloves. They’re ridiculously soft and you can text with them. Highly recommend; makes for a great gift.

This is new and I LOVE IT.

The Pom Pom sweater in navy stripe. YES!

The classic roll neck sweater. Everyone needs one!

Roll neck in fair isle. Even better.

The best flannel Christmas PJs.

GREAT velvet leggings. Highly recommend. I wear them with a chambray shirt or oversized sweater. Ship on heels or boots and you look fancy but feel like you’re in your PJs.

I need this sweatshirt in my life.

I own this and love it! It’s SO cozy and very flattering. A bit of a longer fit.

I gave away all my other chambray shirts once I bought this. It’s so soft. Can’t recommend it more. The only one I own now and for good reason!

ADORE. It’s huge, though. I tried the XS and I was swimming in it, and I almost never go for an XS in J.Crew coats. I think I’d recommend going down two sizes?! It’s SO cute, though. Worth the sizing trouble.

A cute take on the classic gray sweatshirt, perfect for tucking into jeans.

Another piece I’ve probably owned for a decade?! Or close to it, at least. Such a classic.

I might own these. SUPER excited about being comfy at Christmas parties yet also looking festive!

Tartan scarf. Every girl needs one.

My mom has this and wears it all the time! I love it.

This matches the necklace!

I have an older version of this necklace and am asked about it all the time. It’s stunning and even makes flannel shirts look fancy! :)

GREAT GIFT. These are adorable.

Gorgeous bracelet. Man. I usually don’t love J.Crew jewelry, but they’re killin’ it this year.

*Adds to cart.* (Sweater tights + boots.)

You know my love for these pumps. They’re selling out quickly so pounce now. What a deal!

Oh, the poms.

The middle ones are my wedding earrings!

This is also in my cart because I need to replace my skinny belt which is currently falling apart. It’s great for cinching dresses!

I get SO many questions about the older version of this dress when I wear it. Like, it’s crazy! It’s a show-stopper, for sure, and it’s insanely comfy. Can be worn year-round, too!

Classic suede camel pumps. Look SO cute with jeans and a crisp white shirt!