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Friends! I’m excited to share a bunch of my favorite and most-used beauty products.

All of them–including the high-end ones–are available via Walmart Beauty, which is really cool. For a long time, I’d assumed that Walmart didn’t carry these brands, but lo! They totally do, and that’s helped me streamline things. At this stage in life, I don’t have time to run from store to store, much less place multiple online orders. Walmart, though, allows me to take care of nearly all my “needs” at once: household goods, fashion, home decor, beauty, kids, pets… you name it, and they probably have it! (Btw: here are Walmart’s exclusive beauty products. So many great deals you can’t find anywhere else!)

Anyway. On to my favorites!

InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush: I LOVE this thing. I threw out my flat iron and replaced it with this straightening brush a few years ago in the hopes that the move would lead to healthier hair. It DID. I know. Seems unlikely that a brush would straighten hair… but it really does work. It also doesn’t pull out your hair like traditional flat irons do. I’ve tried several straightening brushes and this, by far, is my favorite. :)

3-Minute Miracle Conditioner: This stuff is incredible, and it’s ridiculously affordable. (A two-pack for under $5!) I swear by it. It’ll transform dry, brittle locks into silky, soft hair. And, as the name suggests, it takes only three minutes. I just let it sit on my head while I’m in shaving, and rinse when I’m ready to get out of the shower! Highly recommend.

Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask: This takes slightly more time; I believe three to five minutes is the recommended time to let it sit on your head. But again, it’s something you can do in the shower, and it does make a big impact in terms of softness. Your hair will look and feel significantly more hydrated and healthier in general. I used to use this when I lived in New York, and I remember it being $10. So it’s nice that it’s come down in price!

Dyson Hair Dryer: Mitch got me a refurbished one for my birthday last year. I was SO surprised, but man: was it a great gift. Known to protect hair from heat damage, the Dyson is powerful. When I use it, my hair is dry in three to five minutes, depending on how wet it is. So amazing! I’ll say the only downside is that if you have fine hair, it may tangle quite a bit. (I admittedly struggle with this.) But as long as I stop to brush it while I’m drying, it doesn’t get too bad. Of course, this hair dryer is a ton of money. It just is, and I certainly don’t think that anyone needs one. But if you hate getting ready in the morning and you’re willing to do anything to make the process less time-consuming and more enjoyable, you might consider the Dyson! It’s definitely the king of all hairdryers, and I’ve never used anything that’s even come close to it in terms of results. (Far less frizz, and much silkier hair!)

Cushion Brush: I’ve been using this brush for years, and think it’s the best on the market. Because I have fine hair, it’s tangle-prone… but this cushion brush minimizes the pain while brushing and pulls out far fewer strands. Even Emma prefers it!

Bobbi Brown Foundation: I’ve tried a LOT of foundations, but this one is my current favorite. It blends perfectly, never becomes shiny throughout the day, and has SPF in it. I don’t even think you can tell I’m wearing it! It looks incredibly natural while also enhancing my skin’s appearance. Two thumbs up.

3D WhiteStrips: Mitch and I use these one per year and the results are somewhat startling. 😂 We started doing it when we were engaged, in preparation for the wedding… and I swear, I had to make Mitch stop because his teeth were seemingly becoming fluorescent, haha! They’re VERY effective. I use a whole box; Mitch uses half. ;)

Regenerist Whip Moisturizer with SPF 25 and Total Effects Whip Moisturizer with SPF 25: I’ve been using this moisturizer for a long time now and still goin’ strong! While I certainly experiment with others from time to time, this is what I normally buy because it acts as a primer and has SPF in it. (And it arrives on my doorstep within two days. Because come on. I do everything last-minute. 😉)

Essie Gel Nail Polish and Gel Topcoat: In full disclosure, I paint my nails maybe once per month. (When I do, it’s usually only because I’m traveling.) This is one of the things I pretty much gave up on after I had kids, and I truly haven’t looked back. Naked nails are my new normal and I’m totally fine with it! Simply couldn’t keep up. That said, Essie’s gel line really does make it possible again. If you use the topcoat, the polish lasts about 10 days, which is NUTS. I normally use the stuff right before a trip, and it lasts me through.

Rescue Shots: I haven’t used these yet but I just received them in the mail and I’m beyond excited to try. I hear they’re like the 3-Minute Miracle stuff but even better. Will report back!

Frizz-Defying Styling Milk: I pack and use this whenever I’m going on a warm-weather trip, or whenever it’s very humid in Chicago. No point in straightening my hair; it’ll just curl up anyway. So I’ve learned to embrace the curls on these days, and enhance them! This product avoids “crunch” yet gives me some bounce and volume.

Makeup Eraser: HOLY MOLY. This thing works. I don’t understand how it works, but I no longer have to scrub the eyeliner and mascara off my face. It comes off in one swipe when I use the eraser! One thing to note, though: you need to wash this thing frequently to avoid bacteria growth and pink eye. (Gross!) I bought five of them and wash mine every day, and zero problems!

T3 Styling Wand: The best curling iron I’ve ever owned. It’s phenomenal. My favorite attachment is the one-inch barrel, as it makes the perfect waves. When I let my hair go natural, I’ll often times run the wand through it for extra oomph and it makes a big difference! If you have trouble getting your hair to hold a curl, this wand is known for making uncurlable hair curlable. ;)

Bobbi Brown Lipstick: So fun to see that Walmart carries this! I’m not sure what it is about me, but I just can’t keep lipstick on my lips. AM I EATING IT?! Who knows. Whatever the case, Bobbi Brown’s lipstick stays on the longest, so I’m the biggest fan.  “Desert Rose” was my go-to for a long time, but I love this shade as well and might need to try it!

Pantene Dry Shampoo: Love. This. I think most dry shampoos have a weird smell, and that leaves me feeling dirty. Pantene’s version gives me that fresh-from-the-salon look and feeling, and it’s fantastic. I think I’ll always want to wash my hair every day since it’s fine and thin and doesn’t handle oil well. But on days when I simply can’t do it because of #motherhood, I reach for this. Life-saver!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: People RAVE about this. It’s amazingly affordable and somewhat hard to find… and when I saw that it was available via Walmart, I swiftly added it to my cart. :)

BareMinerals Blush: Similar to the lipstick, this blush stays on my cheeks longest. I normally only have to apply one extra time throughout the day! (I use to have to do it whenever I caught a glimpse of myself or else I’d end up looking dead. 🙈) It also comes in some awesome natural tones that give you a fantastic natural look.

Teleties: My hair creases if I sit in a chair for 20 minutes. These things are the only hair ties that don’t leave me with lines!

Olaplex No. 3: I promise to not write a novel right now. But if you read this ridiculously long blog post that I wrote about Olaplex, you know how much I love it. It’ll reverse extreme hair damage in a matter of 10-30 minutes. If you’re feeling blue about the condition of your hair, get this. It’ll change everything.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Waterproof Eyeliner: To be honest, I haven’t found an eyeliner that I LOVE yet. Almost all of them come off after a few hours, and leave me looking like a raccoon. This one, though, is the best I’ve found so far, mostly because of how it glides on. I never have any jagged edges or weird lines. Still, I’d love to hear your recommendations on eyeliners that don’t come off. Like, ever. ;)

Rapid Wrinkle Repair Cream and Rapid Wrinkle Repair Oil: YES TO THIS! I’ve only been using it for a little over a week now, but it’s made my skin so much softer, and I swear I can see fewer lines round my eyes and in between ’em, too. I use the products in the morning and at night, and I’m determined to continue using them until the bottles run out. MAKE ME 25 AGAIN, NEUTROGENA!

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Everyday Beauty Products
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