Liberty of London "LOVE" Sweatshirt | 15 Cute Etsy Products

Liberty of London “LOVE” Sweatshirt

I’m an Etsy addict. It’s just incredible. Nearly anything I could possibly be looking for, BOOM. It’s on Etsy.

For example, Emma told me she wanted her birthday party theme to be T-Rexes wearing dresses. WHAT! Double what?!

Shopping Etsy is also awesome because you’re supporting small businesses. ♥️

Here are some Etsy products I’ve loved this past year:

Etsy is where all my best brass animals have come from. (If you’re new here, I’ve collected brass animals for years. Makes Christmas and birthdays very easy for Mitch. Give me a brass animal and I immediately cry.) This mama and baby giraffe set is absolutely adorable. Hint, hint.

Block print is all the rage right now, but did you know that it originated in India? Vintage Villa is actually based in India, so you’re supporting an Indian business. The dresses are my favorite on Etsy, the prices are better than any other company’s I’ve come across, and everything seems to ship for $9.99. A fantastic find.

HappyCabbageLondon is also a great seller for similar dresses! The company is based in London, and shipping is a bit pricey… but the low prices make up for that. This dress is my fave!

This Winnie the Pooh is cuter than all the other Winnie the Poohs.

I have a sweatshirt problem. I also have a Liberty of London problem. Really trying to resist this one, but it’s so beautiful! And look at all the other seller’s products. Stunning, right?

As you may know, I collect wooden ducks. ;) Etsy has a ton! Here’s a very affordable one. This unfinished one is also amazing.

Cute dino toys are hard to find!

Do you know of “A Thing Created“? She makes the most beautiful personalized stationary, and she also carries some awesome dachshund stuff. (I’m assuming she has one, too?!)

I’m a huge fan of Chick Lane! That’s where I got Emma’s watercolor dinosaur dress, and the girls’ elephant dresses. Everything is beautiful, high quality, and affordable. This woman should be famous!


This is the doormat I got for the girls’ play house!

I’m thinking this will make an adorable baby present for a friend one day.

Emma’s pink gingham duvet cover!

Unfortunately this brand is no longer on Etsy, but had to include. Mitch got me some Rose Apothecary products for Christmas and I was in stitches. The best!