10 Things 3/8 | Julia's new collaboration with ChappyWrap blankets

Check out Julia’s new collaboration with ChappyWrap blankets!

Hey. 👋🏻

Here are the first 10+ things that come to mind right now:

I cut and highlighted my hair. I needed a change for so, so many reasons, haha. The obvious, yes, but I was also starting to look like the walking dead. (Girlfriend needs a week on the beach like whoa!) I chopped it pretty significantly, went with some fun low-maintenance curtain bangs, and highlighted it a fun strawberry blondish color. It’s been a long time since I had that “new me” feeling, and it’s great! (Many thanks to my friend Nicole in Bucktown who did it for me. She’s so good! I was also the only client in there for half the time. The other half, there was only one other woman and she was pretty far from me!)

Emma started reading! My friend Natalie recommended the BOB books, and WOW. I can’t believe how quickly she’d caught on! These books are very simple and short, and they’re made to build confidence. And that they did for Emma! She was literally screaming after she successfully read the first page of book one. I cried, haha. It was such a special moment, and now she’s so motivate to read her one BOB book per day. If you have a little one who you feel like might be ready, I highly recommend the series!

Do watch John Green’s videos that he makes with his brother? John Green is one of my favorite authors, and I’ve been enjoying the videos that he makes with his brother, Hank, for a while now. They’re wildly entertaining and educational, and there are even videos for kids! Check them out here. Mitch and I often watch them at night when we don’t have a show we’re enjoying.

We’re going to Poway, California in the fall! Our family friend Gabby (from Chicago) moved out there a few years ago and fell in love with the nicest guy in the world… and now the wedding is scheduled for the fall! What an amazing light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. :) Mitch’s parents already rented a house for everyone, haha. So excited. Congrats, Gabby! We love you!

The falling icicles last week nearly gave me a heart attack. GOODNESS. It was crazy. It kind of sounded like we were getting bombed as they dropped off our roof—and all the other roofs around us. I’m praying that Chicago is done with snow this season!

Listen to Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s “Shine.” It’s beautiful.

Check out Chicago Aussie. Mitch has been watching his videos for years and they’re so good! I get a kick out of the Australian accent since the videos are about Chicago history. :)

I watched the Golden Globes last week (as weird as it was) and now want to watch “French Exit,” “The Prom,” and “Unorthodox.” I’m talking quite a bit about videos and shows today, aren’t I? CAN YOU TELL HOW BORED I AM?! Anyway, has anyone enjoyed one of these? Still not done with “Firefly Lane,” but I’ll need something new soon!

Check out Julia’s new collaboration with ChappyWrap blankets! I’m a longtime ChappyWrap fan, and these are just so cute. The “Hanover” is definitely my favorite but the Lemons might be a must for my office, hehe.

We’re looking into driving somewhere for spring break. There are a few “yellow” Gulf states now—like Mississippi and Louisiana—and we’d like to drive there and then just be by ourselves at an Airbnb, preferably by the ocean so we can play there all day. Somewhere quiet, no crowds. Any recommendations?!

Armitage Ale House is coming to Lincoln Park! I AM SO EXCITED! Lincoln Park could definitely need more restaurants, with Armitage lacking specifically. This is going to be amazing. Apparently the news has been out for a while, haha, but I just noticed the new sign last week. The full-service restaurant will be located in the old Le Pain Quotidien space, and it’s owned by Hogsalt, the same company that owns Au Cheval and Bavette’s… so I’m thinking it’s going to be great. After losing Derby, this is just what the neighborhood needs. Have I mentioned that I’m excited?!

We ate in a greenhouse on Aba’s rooftop last week with Tock. I’ll be posting an Instagram about it soon, but it was SO FUN. First of all, I did not know that Aba had a gorgeous rooftop. Or that they’d put up greenhouses! The food was amazing, the greenhouse was warm, and the girls were in heaven. Such a great family outing when we needed it most.

“One Home Project Every Day” highlight: This is a lame one but I cleaned off my computer desktop and physical desktop… and then went to town on the drawers and cabinets. I needed a refresh, and it really feels like I’m more productive now that the clutter is gone! Oh, I also cleaned out Emma’s desk which took forever. A year of remote learning with a four-year-old will cause that, I suppose! ;)

We did some things with some friends recently and it lifted my spirits! Last weekend, we celebrated Walker’s fifth birthday with her family, who has been in our “bubble” for the majority of this past year. I just adore going over to their home and having them here; they’re such good people and we always laugh so much together. Mitch and I also had drinks with our next-door neighbors Nicki and JR outside on the front stoop like we always do when the weather is warm. It’s been a while, of course, since the winter has been intense… so it was really lovely to see them again!