Off to 30A this weekend!

Hello there!

Here’s what’s going on with the Larkins:

  • We’re headed to Rosemary Beach this weekend to visit my parents. It’s February break, and we’re in need of some warmth! Of course, Rosemary isn’t that warm in winter. But a 60-degree day sounds pretty great to us right now. :)
  • And the only luggage we’re bringing is NOODLE! Last year, we made sure to leave behind everything we’d need for a trip—clothing, toiletries, toys, etc.—so that we could travel without suitcases. (I’m an anxious traveler, so just getting on a plane without worrying about anything sounded like a dream to me!) Emma and Lucy are beyond excited to fly with Noodle, and my fingers are crossed that it goes well. She will be traveling in this approved backpack carrier, and we’re going to give her calming treats beforehand! (Any other tips? #Halp)

  • I made Swiftie needlepoint canvases for the flight. I designed them on Canva, printed them out using my laser printer and this canvas (cut to size), and then painted them with acrylic pens. I wouldn’t say it looks professional in the SLIGHTEST 😆, and next time I’m definitely using actual paint with actual paintbrushes. Stay tuned for how they turn out. (To make it easier for kids, you can get 10-mesh canvases, which have bigger holes. That’s how Emma learned!)

  • Happy Valentine’s Day! I am utterly exhausted. 😆
  • I caved and got the big Yoto for the girls’ room, mostly to make bedtime easier. I love the red light/green light notifications for bedtime/wakeup (similar to the Hatch), the actual alarms and the toothbrush timers. Emma and Lucy love that they can put their Yoto cards in and jam out or listen to a podcast/audiobook while getting ready, tidying, or hanging out. Here are all our favorite accessories for the Yoto!

  • I can’t get over how cute J.Crew’s new arrivals are. I’m obviously ready for spring clothing. These sailor sweater pants and this chunky striped cashmere sweater are at the top of my list!
  • Emma and Lucy are going to be in a musical this summer! I can’t believe it. They’re both such performers—especially Lucy!—and this seemed like the perfect activity for them. They’re both thrilled, and a ton of their friends have signed up, too. :)

  • This sweater is on sale $49 and absolutely adorable. It’s supersoft, with no wool! A great springtime staple if you live in a colder area like I do. I have the size small and while it’s a little roomy, I wouldn’t have gone smaller.

  • We finally have enough silicone candle molds for Emmalou Candle Co. to start real production! Wow guys, wow. We invested in a few and made a few of our own, too. It was a big undertaking but made the time between coming home from school and bedtime really fun. :)
  • Mitch started up a “boys’ night” with James and Charls, and it’s the cutest. It’s quite the dream that two of my best friends have husbands who are best friends with mine. Love our neighborhood crew!

  • I made Lucy a Travis Kelce jersey for our Super Bowl party using the Cricut and this inexpensive kids’ jersey. Luce and her bestie both wore them! I use the Maker machine now, just because the format is larger and makes things easier.
  • We took the girls to the Art Institute last weekend and it was a hit. The “tiny rooms” exhibit has always been a favorite, and we loved how much the girls enjoyed it. We were in the exhibit for at least an hour!

  • One Home Project Every Day:
    • I started making “book boxes” for some of our family games. They were taking over our cabinets and it was time to regain that space. My plan is to cover them with linen and label the bindings!
    • I bagged up a ton of donations. I’m a little disappointed in myself for not dropping the bomb on the house like I normally do every January/February, but hey. It’s something, and it felt great.
    • THE MUDROOM IS DONE. I can’t wait to share. I knew that it would make life easier, but I’m truly astonished at how much tidier our home is with a designated drawer for shoes and hooks for jackets and backpacks. Everything has a home.
    • I washed and dried our Ruggable for the first time and it came out great. Honestly, my mind is blown. We got it because Noodle completely destroyed an old rug we had down in the playroom. It’s okay; we’d had it for nearly 10 years. BUT I wasn’t going to invest in a really nice rug as it’s a playroom, haha. The Ruggable is VERY thin, but with the rug pad underneath, it’s pretty great. Love that there is zero stress related to the area now, too.
    • We cleaned the garage from the construction. Right after we finished the garage facelift, we started working on the mudroom, and it became a (very dirty) woodworking shop. So we kind of feel like this is our first time being able to enjoy the space! Love gliding into a clear, clean and clutter-free space on our bikes.
    • We set up our new (very compact) coffee machine we scored on Marketplace. At first, I was like, “Ew, no. That’s gross.” (Despite my love for Marketplace!) But I cleaned the living daylights out of that thing, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s as clean as a whistle. I love the thing! So much easier than our old (non-functioning) one.