Part of the reason I love Nantucket so much is that it really has a dress code of its own. It’s one of the only places I’ve ever been where it’s completely acceptable–encouraged, even–to be ultra preppy all the time, and wear Lilly Pulitzer on a daily basis. It’s so fun!

This week, as I pack for my trip, I can’t help but start to think about what would be inside my dream suitcase. Here are some preptastic finds I’m lusting after these days. ;)

Sea Horse Swimsuit (from J.Crew): Top $48.00 Bottom $44.00 

Natural Panama Hat (from J.Crew): $58.00

Erika Sunglasses (from Ray-Ban): $189.95 $89.13

Tria Dress (from Lilly Pulitzer): $158.00

Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Print Short (from Lilly Pulitzer): $64.00

Women’s Shep Shirt (from Vineyard Vines): $98.00

Sperry Woven Leather Boat Shoes: $125.00


Elephant Print Top: (from Pink Pineapple): $238.00

Cabana Tile Damien Bag (from Kate Spade): $278.00

Weekend Fit Pinstriped Linen Shirt (from C.Wonder): $78.00

Whale of a Tale Intarsia Sweater (from C.Wonder): $88.00

Theresa Tote (from Tory Burch): $250.00

Kelsey Wedge (from Lilly Pulitzer): $198.00

Scallop Belt (from Lilly Pulitzer): $58.00

Eliza Dress (from Lilly Pulitzer): $98


Everyday Printed Khaki Shorts in Anchor: (from Old Navy) $15.00


Gwen Sleeveless Shift Dress (from Tracy Negoshian, discovered today on the Bows and Sequins blog!): $148.00


Starfish Earrings (from the Lemon Stripes Store which just debuted today!): $24.00


Lobster Earrings (from the Lemon Stripes Store which just debuted today!): $24.00


Marbella Canvas Duffle (from the Lemon Stripes Store which just debuted today!): $148.00