Even before I started Kelly in the City, I spent a lot of time documenting life. Mitch and I made videos nearly every summer, for example, and filmed our trips to preserve our memories.

I loved that. Photos are amazing, but videos really have the power to bring you back. You know?

For some reason, we’ve stopped making videos as frequently as we used to. (Besides “One Second Every Day.” Which is AMAZING.)

“For some reason”?

Haha–Actually, the reason is pretty clear, haha. It’s this little blog.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore blogging, and I can’t imagine my life without Kelly in the City. It takes a LOT of time, though, and it tends to suck up my creative juices rather quickly.

But I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I REALLY want to start making videos again. So can you hold me to it? Maybe send me gentle reminders every now and then?!

Hey, Kelly. Remember that time you told us you were going to make more videos? Where the heck are they? Get on it, Girlfriend.

Anyway, the above video is from 2011, when I didn’t understand the importance of holding a camera still, haha. (And when I didn’t have this blog!) The videography and editing are (let’s be serious) atrocious, and the entire video was shot within a span of four or five days. (Why did I call it “Summer 2011”? Shouldn’t it have been titled “A Few Random Days During the Summer of 2011”?) But it reminds me of some really great times.

So yeah. Next video coming out… next week?! With any hope, It’ll be a bit better. ;)