Blair and Emily-152

I have some pretty amazing friends out here in Chicago. On Monday, two of them–Emily and Blair–launched Wandeleur, a creative lifestyle website for those who “aspire + inspire.” And it’s phenomenal.

Wandeleur taps into the insight of exceptional individuals, and provides practical tips and tricks. It’s all about leading a more imaginative and colorful life… and who doesn’t want to do that?!

I’m definitely a girl who gets into her fair share of ruts. I have a lot of cool ideas buzzing around my head, but bringing them to fruition is hard. It takes dedication and time. And for me, it takes surrounding myself with unique people who are driven, passionate, imaginative, creative and colorful.

How lucky am I that I’ve found those people in Chicago? When I came out here, I’d kind of resigned myself to the notion that I’d likely be friendless. I assumed that I’d missed the prime “friend making period” by several years, and that working from home wouldn’t exactly lend itself to meeting people. But I was so wrong. The blogging community here is incredible, and a bunch of girls quickly took me under their wings. And now they’re some of my closest friends. Talk about grateful.

These girls are beyond special. They have so many original and creative ideas that–simply put–blow my mind. They inspire and motivate me on a daily basis, and remind me that anything is possible.

Which is precisely the message that Emily and Blair are sending… and Wandeleur is proof that it’s true. So check it out, and prepare to be inspired. :)

(Oh! And I had the honor of photographing the gorgeous founders this past weekend. So fun! Below are a few of my favorite shots.)

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