Guys, oh my goodness. I’ve never been so surprised in my entire life! I’m absolutely beaming right now as I type this at 1 a.m., haha. I can’t sleep!

Yesterday, I turned 30. And by the way: thank you SO much for all the birthday wishes! You’re amazing. I’m really sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond yet, but I appreciate your incredibly thoughtful messages more than you know. Thank you!

Anyway… Yesterday, after work, Mitch brought me cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s (so sweet–hehe), and presents: one from him and one from Noodle. Noodle gave me a hot dog hat to wear for Halloween (don’t ask–I promise to post photos of our getups), and Mitch gave me tickets to see Ryan Adams (my favorite musician) next week! I cried. I was so surprised. It still hasn’t hit me that we’re going to see him! I sound like a 16-year-old girl, but it’s kind of a dream come true, haha. I love my husband.

After we were done with presents, we headed off to Summer House, this gorgeous beach-themed restaurant in Lincoln Park. (I’d been dying to go since we moved here, so I was pretty pumped when Mitch told me that we were going!) We left with plenty of time, but I–in true Kelly fashion–ended up making us late, like I always do. I just get so distracted around here! So many pretty townhouses, shops and restaurants to look at, you know? (And I obviously had to squeeze in a photo shoot for tomorrow’s blog.)

When we walked in, Mitch gave the waitress our name, and she brought us to our booth. As I walked up to it, I wondered for a quick second why there were two people already sitting in it. It took me what now seems like forever to figure out that they were my parents! The amount of jumping and tears and hugging was insane. (Thank goodness the people next to us thought it was cute!)

It truly was the best night ever. (Next to our wedding reception last year, of course!) I’ve been so homesick lately… and this was exactly what I needed. Honestly, seeing Mom and Dad was the only thing I really wanted for my birthday. I still can’t get over it! They’re staying until Saturday night, too, so I get to spend three whole days with them. Eee! I’m thrilled.

A big thank you goes out to my parents and Mitch (who obviously played a huge role in the surprise!), and to my family and friends who were in on it and helped make it possible. Including my dad’s coworkers, who decided to tell me he was in a meeting when I called his office, hehe. You guys are the best!

So, yeah. This post is pretty poorly written, but I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the shock, overwhelming joy, and wine. (Oh, tipsy blogging.) SO HAPPY. :)

Mom, Dad and Mitch, I love you so much.

What I wore: Dex Sweater (c/o — Brand available at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor) / J.Crew Belt / Ralph Lauren Oxford (On sale! Also on sale in stripe) / J.Crew Pearl Necklace (I got mine on eBay, though.) / Blank NYC Cords (Similar here) / J.Crew Earrings / Brooks Brothers Pumps (Old, similar here) / Hazel & Marie Pearl Bracelet (c/o)