Recent Finds, Vol. 23

Early morning cuddles on our new Gingham Duvet Cover from Serena & Lilly c/o / Navy Striped Top / Hudson Jeans (Love the white pair–on sale–and the AG legging is back!) / Monogrammed Pillows / Night Stands / Scalloped Bed Skirt / Rug / Gingham Sheets / Similar Lamps Here and Here / Gold Trinket Box and Frame / Candle / Emma’s Dress / Framed Lincoln Park Map 

We drove to the East Coast on Friday! Twelve hours was a bit of a struggle with a one-year-old, but Emma did wonderfully, all things considered. Mitch drove and I sat in the back and entertained her. We read a LOT of stories, but somewhere around hour six, we gave up and broke out the Kindle Fire, which Mitch bought for a mere $30. He pre-loaded it with Sesame Street episodes and then hung it off the seat that Emma faces, using a clear plastic bag and some zip ties. It saved us. We try to keep level heads when it comes to parenting, and feel that moderation is usually a good approach for most stuff. While we don’t let Emma watch hours of TV on a daily basis, on a cross-country drive? Heck yes, haha.

On an unrelated note, Mitch wants a Kuerig for the car. “How can a man be expected to drive 12 hours without a constant flow of coffee? I shall call it the Car-rig.”

Moving on. ;)

We’ve had a busy and wonderful weekend ahead. (Or, at least, I’m assuming we are… as I’m writing this ahead of time.) My sister-in-law is graduating from PA school and my brother is threw her a dinner outside of Philadelphia last night… and my parents are graciously throwing Emma a birthday party today. So much love! With any luck, I’ll have some photos to share this week.

Anyway, I kind of let most of my series go over the last month because of travel, and it’s been a while since I did a Recent Finds post. But I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. ;) So let’s get into it!

Recent Finds, Vol. 23

OBSESSED with this navy gingham Duvet that Serena & Lilly recently sent us. I liked the bedding we previously had, but this is so much more mature, and Mitch loves that it’s not crazy girly. Yes, the gingham obsession continues, but hey: I like what I like. ;)

Still trying to shoot a master bedroom reveal, but I’m struggling because our room is so dark. Any good lighting suggestions?! I need all the help. (The above photo is just an iPhone photo.)

Also, Serena & Lilly just added 500+ products to the company’s lineup… and I’m head over heels for everything!

Look at the bows on the sides!

This is the dress I’m wearing for Jess’ wedding! We’re all wearing long white dresses — so cool, right? And I’m VERY excited about this one because it feels like pajamas. It looks like lace but it’s actually a stretchy material and I’m in love! BAH! Can’t believe the wedding is less than a week away!

I wore this to Emma’s birthday party and it was the best. Since it’s a knit material, you can dress it up or down!

My sister-in-law recently found these and I’m madly in love. I really don’t need another pair of navy pumps but…

The perfect navy jumpsuit. Perfect for the end of summer and fall.

This was a runner up for me for the wedding. Never ordered it, but boy is it pretty!

Remember this dress?! It’s back and it’s on sale! One of my favorites this summer.

Love the gold buttons up this one.

Such a fan of Ralph Lauren jackets this year, and this navy one with the leather lining?! Ah-mah-zing.

Headed to the beach for two weeks, and I think this might be a must.

I have the top version of this, and I was SO excited to see that Lilly had released it in a dress! Really flattering.

The PERFECT tote for fall. Gorgeous! :)

I’ve had this sweater for a couple of years, and it’s crazy cozy. I’d go down one size as it runs big, but for $39?! Such a steal!

Coming to the blog soon, haha! Adore.

A great deal for a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress.

They’re back! Fully in stock.

The bow mules are available in so many colors now. My faves are the red and the mustard, perfect for fall.

The peplum striped top is now available in navy.

The sleeves! The ruffles!

Such a sweet print.

Hunter’s version of the yellow raincoat!

It also comes in white. :)

Loveeeee this little number.

Such a cute, casual number.