Recent Finds, Vol. 13 - Kelly in the City

Tuckernuck Pajamas — If you look closely, you can see that the PJs feature a bunny print. This is for you, Mom!

Happy Easter, Friends! I hope you’re sharing today with family and/or friends, or placing a few FaceTime calls. ;) The Larkins are traveling from Los Angeles to spend the day on the Larkin Farm, and we’re pretty excited! (But don’t expect us to be wearing Easter dresses. Especially not Mitch. Though there was that one Halloween party…)

Anyway, Shopbop actually extended its sale through tonight, so I thought I’d highlight a few great finds along with my regular weekly picks… and then I promise I’ll stop talking about it, haha. (Use code “EVENT17” to take 20 to 25 percent off your order and get free shipping!)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Recent Finds, Vol. 13

I’m such a fan of Clu, but I always wait for the Shopbop sale to buy, as it makes it less painful. ;) This dress is pretty much my idea of perfection!

Bah! SO CUTE. Of course, you guys also know how much I love the Susies… but the scalloped version might be even better.

Such a beautiful romper. How sweet is that bow?!

Random, but this is what I put my jewelry on when I’m showering and it makes me very happy, haha.

Have been considering one of these bags for the summer for a while now. I’m between pink and navy. Thoughts?!

On the pricier side, but definitely the prettiest romper I’ve ever seen.

Chicago is always about a month behind weather-wise. Time to break out the umbrellas!

I know. I don’t wear a lot of black. But I have this suit and adore it! The neckline is stunning.

A different take on the gingham dress. Love that bow!

Since Chicago is usually pretty cold in the spring, I’m all about springtime tops that can be worn with jeans for extra warmth. This one is perfect!

A hydrangea dress! I KNOW! There’s a lot more available in the print, too.

Brb, buying these now?

I wish this top were available in more sizes.

Finally! An affordable leopard clutch. These sell out quickly so nab it now if you’re in the market. :)

Love the color of this ruffled top.

I’m constantly on the search for the perfect palm-print piece. Yet to find one, but this might be close?

Such a beautiful flutter tank.

My favorite Barbour of all time is back in stock!

Looks like $300 but is under $75. :)

I can’t get over the price on this one!