Nantucket Sweater | Recent Finds 8/6

Nantucket Sweater / Sail to Sable Maxi Dress (Newer. Also love this one!) / Sunglasses / Mitch’s Sweatshirt / Mitch’s Warby Parker Sunglasses

^ From a recent fun night on Foster Beach in Chicago!

Hello there!

We got a head start on the weekend yesterday with the arrival of my brother- and sister-in-law and their family. (They’re in from Virginia for Gammy Camp!) The kids headed down to the lake house this morning with Gammy and Pop Pop, and the parents (plus Lucy) stayed behind in Chicago for a few days together.

(You should have seen Lucy. When everyone was getting ready to leave, she put on her sandals and her Elmo backpack like she was going too. When she realized what was happening, though—and that the kids were leaving the parents—she freaked out and started screeching for Mama and Daddy. It was the saddest, sweetest sight… and it ended with the three of us cuddling on the couch together, watching the Mickey Mouse Club. Phew, haha.)

More on all this ^ soon, but on to this week’s Recent Finds for now. :)

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends on Sunday, so now’s the time to grab best-sellers on sale! (Remember, after Sunday, the prices go back up.) This cardigan is one the sale’s best buys, and it’s still available in lots of colors and sizes.

The perfect gift! I love Monica Vinader, and have worn my bracelet for years. The best part is that you can engrave it—free of charge at most Nordstrom stores—or take it to a local jeweler to have it done. My family did this for my cousin when she was fighting cancer, and it meant a lot to her. :) She won, btw, because she’s incredible. <3

BEST BRA EVER. After I discovered this bra, I got rid of literally every other bra I owned. It’s magic. It feels like I’m not wearing anything yet looks beautiful, too. I kind of can’t believe it’s real. Go up one cup size. (I’m a 34A and needed to go up to a 34B.)

You know I love my Uggs. And I’m in love with wedge Uggs! They give me some height yet don’t sacrifice on comfort.

I swear by this brand because their boots are totally waterproof. It’s insanity. Super comfy, too.

A great basic sweater for a great price in great colors. ;)

The famous “live-in” leggings! I went up a size.

Have and love these! Couldn’t believe that they were included in the sale. Again, cute winter boots that provide some height. I actually “go out” in these! (You know. On that rare occasion, haha. But yes. I wear them out to dinner in the winter in Chicago!)

MY HOLY GRAIL for skincare. It’s a chemical and physical exfoliator that leaves my skin feeling ridiculously soft and smooth. You only leave it on for two minutes, and poof. Perfect skin. It brightens everything up!

The best throw blanket of all time, at a crazy discount. So soft. So cuddly. So warm. I love ours so much that I keep it in our bedroom which yes, I realize is selfish. I should probably invest in another, haha.

The famous Nap Dress is back in the trellis pattern! Love it so much.

And here is the other one in the green pattern. (I personally adore this one even more because I love having my shoulders covered. Sun protection!)

Madewell has been killing it with the easy mom dresses as of late. Love this black one!

And the same dress in floral.

I wear a baseball hat every morning during our bike ride. Thinking I might want a simple cream one that’ll match everything, though, as I’m sometimes wearing some crazy pattern combinations, haha!

LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Perfect dress to transition into fall!

My favorite dress in a new color. This is the one in light blue that I have!

So sad this one is sold out.

A scalloped bathing suit for a steal!


Sezane bags are the most beautiful.

Love the buttons up the side.

I guess I am a little excited about fall.

How did I miss this dress on Tuckernuck?! That neckline…

Still contemplating this dress. Should really just pull the trigger already. ;)

Favorite sandals restocked in brown!