Classic Coach Bag

$15.96 Red Sandals (WHOA. So comfy! I went up a half size. $15.96 with code “SALETIME.”) / Slim Boyfriend Jeans (On sale for $55) / Classic Coach Bag (Also available direct from Coach.) / Everyday Striped Shirt (25 percent off with code “SALETIME.”

Okay, so three big things this week re: sales:

J.Crew is offering 72 percent off its sale section. That’s crazy talk. I’ve included my favorites below but the prices really are insane! ($15.96 for these wildly comfortable sandals?! Score.)

Persifor is having a big sale, too. My favorite is the classic Winpenny dress, which is 50 percent off right now.

The timeless Coach crossbody is BACK. I kind of can’t believe it. I get questions about my old Coach Court bag all the time, and this is the CLOSEST I’ve seen to it in a decade. I can’t imagine that it’ll stay in stock for long; you can find it at Nordstrom and Coach.

Classic Coach Bag

Classic Coach Bag (Also available direct from Coach.)

This week’s Recent Finds:

Favorite lace-up sneakers on sale.

Only $15! Always looking for solid t-shirt dresses in 2020.

Another crazy deal.


Bah. Boden gets me every time.

Stunning yet comfy.

Another great classic Coach bag that’s BACK!

And this one.

This has been out for a while, but I love the white for summer.

Only $16. I wore it in yesterday’s post. Such a fan!

My love for Roadtripper Jeans is intense. You can also find them on Nordstrom, which is so nice! (Can’t beat Nordstrom’s return policy.)

Another pair of Roadtrippers.

And this pair… A+.

Love this new pair of Align Lululemons!

If you don’t have a pair of Aligns, you’re missing out. SO SOFT.

Here’s that Persifor dress! 50 percent. Such a deal, as it rarely is discounted.

VV’s Harbor Collection is amazing. Love this tie-waist dress!

Another Boden favorite.

The stand collar is too cute!

The bows on the back of this dress.

A hydrangea dress!

Such a big fan of the Persifor sale dress that I included it twice! Haha. Sorry.

In green!

$29.68 with code “SALETIME.” Whoa.

$4.48 with code “SALETIME.” Mind blown.

$5.88 with code “SALETIME.” A staple in my closet!

414.84 with code “SALETIME.” Have this in a solid. Love it. Size down.

$8.12 with code “SALETIME.”

$27.16 with code “SALETIME.”

$17.64 with code “SALETIME.”

$15.96 with code “SALETIME.”


GUYS, GET THESE. This is nuts. I went up a half size. So comfy and they look great with a striped tee!

$19.60 with code “SALETIME.”

Great Chanel lookalikes.

$11.20 with code “SALETIME.”

$14 with code “SALETIME.”

$19.60 with code “SALETIME.”


$27.72 with code “SALETIME.”

These have been on my list for a while…

$35 with code “SALETIME.”


$25.48 with code “SALETIME.”

Padded footbed.

$28 with code “SALETIME.”

$29.68 with code “SALETIME.”

Have and love. TTS.

$28 with code “SALETIME.”

A fall/winter fave!

$15.40 with code “SALETIME.”

$18.76 with code “SALETIME.”