Button-front top

Button-front top: $24.50


I published this post early yesterday, and labeled it as May 31.


Then I changed 5/31 to 4/31. April 31.




I really look forward to putting these posts together; it’s lovely to sit on the couch and turn my brain off for some time with the TV in the background. So thanks for reading, haha.

Some of my favorite things that are crazy marked down:

Leopard leggings you can wear as pants: $19.50 // These are AMAZING. Yes, they’re intended to be workout leggings, but they’re thick, and they totally look like pants when paired with a crisp white button-down or tunic. They honestly look phenomenal. I ordered one size up so they appear more like pants, and they’re fantastic. Can’t get over the price today!

High-rise Cozy jeans: $22.50 // Unreal savings today. These are Factory’s “Cozy Jeans,” which are almost a knit material. They aren’t particularly thick; just incredibly comfy. I also don’t find that they bag out throughout the day, which is really nice. I can’t recommend these more. I prefer them over my designer jeans!

Essential Tee: $7.50 // I have a bunch of these! They’re very simple, but I reach for the white, gray, black, navy and hot pink ones all the time. And how could you beat $7.50?

Leopard Cardigan 

Leopard Cardigan (Also love the leopard sweater tee. Here’s J.Crew’s Leopard Sweater Blazer!) / 365 Stretch T-Shirt (But the Essential Tee is on crazy sale.) / Cozy Jeans (Only $22.50!) / Sperry Loafers (This pair, specifically. Comfiest loafers I’ve ever worn. On sale! Btw: Check the Sperry site for the Seaport line, too. SO many good ones.) / World Market Jute Rug (Very soft!)

This week’s other Recent Finds:

I’m going to start out the post with the best t-shirt steals. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in a t-shirt most days… and having good ones makes a big difference! I have this one in white and gray, and I recently bought another white and another gray because they were in the wash so much. Only $6.59 with code “SHOPNEW.” Crazy!

This is a very simple t-shirt, but I have it in a few colors and am constantly reaching for it. I think I wear the white and gray the most, surprise surprise… but the hot pink is REALLY CUTE. And it’s only $7.50 right now!

Only $13!

Another favorite. A good pocket tee is hard to find, but this one is perfect and a really lovely shade of light pink. (Way better in person than online.) Only $8.39 with code “SHOPNEW.”

The Boatneck tee is only $17! (Though I do think the cheaper scoopneck tee is my favorite.)

MZ Wallace is on sale! I REPEAT: MZ Wallace is on sale!

Cutest tote bag for a steal.

These are my favorite earrings, and the ONLY pair of dangly earrings I can wear since they’re so light. HIGHLY recommend; they make for a great Mother’s Day present, too.

This dress. It’s perfection.

Nantucket red pants on sale!

A drapey button-down that’s wrinkle-resistant. (On sale.)

Such a cute navy top; look at that ruffly neck! (On sale.)

Pants in linen!

1901’s classic chambray shirt is on sale.

This is so pretty!

Love this spin on the striped button-down.

I think we all need a vacation. These would be perfect for that. Or for hanging out your window, trying to get a little fresh air.

1901’s striped tee, also on sale.

I’ve never met a scalloped dress I didn’t love.

Bow loafers on sale, too!

VERY comfy black patent loafers.

Navy ballet flats with a little bit of a heel, marked down.

Now’s your chance to try Birdies if you’ve ever wanted to! They’re on sale.

Comfy everyday loafers.

Sorry I keep including these, but best jeans ever. Made so comfy that you’d opt for them for a road trip. Changed my life!

A close second. And they’re on sale for $22.50!

My leopard leggings–which I wear as pants!–are on sale for $19! (I ordered a size up so they have more of a pants-like fit. Worked great.

Softest chambray shirt I own: $34.50

The lobster is embroidered! So much nicer than it looks in the pic.

A linen button-down for a STEAL. Looks great with jeans.

The ruffled neck on this dress!

Textured sweater tee. Paired with white jeans? So cute.

Favorite leggings of all time. Yes, they’re worth it. You’ll never look back. SO SOFT.

But Lilly’s are SO cute.

The comfort Jack Rogers are on sale!

How perfect is this eyelet dress?

Oh my goodness. Tortoise shoes get me every time.

Love this!

Have always loved this stripe. Glad to see that Old Navy is carrying it this year.

YES. It’s textured, too.

The perfect summer pants.

Old Navy is also carrying leopard leggings that you might be able to pull off as pants. ;)