Recent Finds 2/12 | Ellsworth & Ivy "we're in this together" Sweater

Ellsworth & Ivy “we’re in this together” Sweater

The Larkins have zero plans today/tonight—okay, per usual.

In the same boat? Let’s go shopping! 😜

Adorable Vineyard Vines kids’ masks on sale for $16! (Shipping is free, too!)

This is my favorite Dudley, and it’s available in most sizes in the cream stripe! Laughing right now because I’m currently wearing it as I’m typing this.

I’ve had my eye on this off white Dudley for a while now! I tried really hard to wear jeans this month but it’s just not sticking, haha. This Dudley works great with my array of leggings, though. ;)


My favorite puffer is majorly discounted right now. Such a good deal! Runs big. Without a doubt, go down one size. Unbelievably warm.

Trying to spruce up our mudroom. We’re eventually going to rip out the closet and put cubbies in, but this would be very helpful in the meantime!

Longer version.

I went ahead and ordered this for the girls for the summer. I’m a nutcase but it’s just insanely cute and reminds me of my childhood bedroom wallpaper! (Remember Waverly?!)

These are adorable. I keep fantasizing about hitting up the town with Mitch. That’s obviously not happening this winter, but I see myself in these for those pretend nights out!

Hahahahahaha. I really shouldn’t write these posts at night.

Birdies—shoes that are meant to feel like slippers—came out with some new pairs! Love these. (You can also find Birdie’s via Nordstrom.)

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Rothy’s, which is their competitor, I suppose. These are my most-worn Rothy’s!

STOP. Why isn’t this available in Emma’s size, too?!

Still head over heels in love with this sweater.

SUCH great leggings. You won’t want to take them off, and they’re on sale right now!

These are the warm version. They’re brushed with fleece on the inside, so they’re great for this time of year!

These are fantastic Uggs. They obviously look more like shoes but they’re Uggs through and through.


This is one of Amazon’s all-time best-selling dresses! It looks awesome on everyone and it’s priced extremely well.

These are so cute.

I’ve turned into a sweatshirt girl this year. I used to only own a handful, but I think I’ve added four to my collection in the last 11 months. (Oops.) This is my #1, though.

Actually, favorite sweatshirt tie. Love that a portion of the proceeds goes to Betsy’s Blankets!

Adorable, right? If you love this one, check out this scalloped one, too!

Every girl needs an initial necklace, especially if that girl is a mom, too. This one is precious.

Seriously, though: Why is Riley sleeping on Daisy’s bed?

Can you tell I have summer on the mind? ;) Another famous Amazon dress!

This is that frame I keep talking about! You give your family members the e-mail address, and they can send pics to it. It’s so easy. Great gift for grandparents!

I may have ordered this mug, haha.

Anna’s fleece jacket is AMAZING. One of my most-worn pieces right now. Highly recommend!

Do you know about Ruggable? They’re washable rugs. (Like actually.) It’s insanity. This is my fave!