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Plaid Flats c/o / Plaid Tablecloth

As 2017 comes to a close, I’m finishing up the last of my blog-related projects and getting SO excited about falling back into a routine here on this site. :) Recent Finds is one of my favorite series, for example, but it’s somehow fallen to the back burner over the last couple of weeks due to holiday craziness. It’s still alive, though!

Today, I have twice as many finds as I usually have because of that two-week break, and yes: some of these I’ve included before… but I just keep coming back to ’em, and some are on sale so I wanted to let you know about those deals! Anyway, hope had a great weekend. Tomorrow, I have an extra cute Emma post going up, so be sure to tune back in then! xx

LOVE this pullover, and can’t get over the price. Yes, I’m going back to my middle and high school days, but who knew the brand could make such a solid comeback?!

A fairisle cardigan! Two thumbs up.

LOVE this take on the holiday shirt, as it’s actually flannel and therefore much warmer. We had friends over on Saturday night and Kira was wearing this. LOVED it on her!

A solid cable-knit sweater dress that’ll go with everything.

Favorite light wash jeans on sale.

My go-to skinny jeans this year. Also on sale!

I think I’ve included these skirts before, but again, I just keep going back to them. I want to try them all!

Another great one.

I know. Dying.

The poms on this navy sweater!

One of my favorite cashmere sweaters on sale. Makes for a great gift!

Love this one, too! Also from Halogen.

If Mitch and I were going big this New Year’s, I’d be wearing this.

Or this.

Favorite tartan dress of the year is back in stock!

You’d have this sequin skirt forever!

This is what I think I’ll be wearing on New Year’s. :)

OR this.

My red coat recently ripped, which was super sad… so this is the replacement! It’s also available at Nordstrom.

Why isn’t this available in my size?

Clearly obsessed with fair isle this year.

The back is adorable.

It now comes in pink!

I have such a weakness for Patagonia.

Adore this fair isle scarf!

My favorite tartan in a flannel, and one you could definitely wear to holiday festivities. Cute and warm!

Regretting not scooping this one up this year!

New Year’s PANTS. Yassss.

Awful with sneakers. So cute with black pumps.

Great gold leggings. With a sweater? Comfy but festive holiday look!

I’ve heard great things about this affordable top.


Another consideration for New Year’s! So many options. I just want to not be freezing, haha.

Like the idea of this skirt because I could tuck a sweater into it.

Not for New Year’s, but they look so cozy and comfy!