recent finds

L.L.Bean Boots (On sale! Use code “25OFF” to take 25 percent off your order and get free shipping. Also love this navy pair of boots.) / Patagonia Vest (Did you see this one?! And L.L.Bean’s version is on sale.) / L.L.Bean Flannel Shirt (Again, on sale!) / Rag & Bone Jeans / Emma’s Jacket, Shirt and Boots

Happy Friday, Friends!

I thought I’d hop on the blog to share some recent finds plus two awesome sales going on right now:

L.L.Bean: 25 percent off and free shipping with code “25OFF.” This is huge. :)

Nordstrom: The last days of the Nordstrom Fall Sale are upon us. Here are my favorites from the sale!

I’m off to pick up my mom at the airport, but here are this week’s “Recent Finds”, most of which are plaid:

The classic blanket scarf is back. Modcloth has a good one, too.

Did you guys read my recent review on Gucci loafers? I’ll admit that the price tag is absurd, but goodness, are they wonderful. ;) Love the brown version!

Best booties in the world, on sale. Run TTS.

Love this! Doesn’t it kind of remind you of Chanel?

Bows on my toes. Yes, please.

Such a great holiday scarf.

One of my favorite Gucci loafer lookalikes.

My #1 fave. SO CLOSE, right?!

A solid cable-knit sweater. Everyone needs one!

More bows on my toes! Thanks for this find, Jessica. #cantstopwontstop

Ooooh. Do we like this one better?!

A great present for your guy. Mitch, there’s no way that you’re reading this, which is why I can tell everyone right now that this is going in your stocking.

A tartan nightshirt. Just wait. So much more tartan to come. My crazy is showing…

SO TEMPTED. I hear this thing is the coziest duster coat on the face of the earth.

The only pair of “dress pants” I’d ever consider wearing.

Abercrombie is coming back, guys. It’s so weird. But I love this.

OH MY GOODNESS. Why isn’t there a matching one for Emma?

The perfect camel-colored mules.

Favorite pair of nude/light pink pumps are now on Nordstrom!

Remember this adorable jacket?! It’s back, and it’s on sale.

A great alternative. I think I might like these even better than Gucci’s brown loafers.

And then there are these–another great option.

The Retro-X vest is back!

I know I keep including them, but I keep forgetting to take photos of them and post ’em to the blog, so here we go again! ;) Waterproof over-the-knee boots that are super comfortable and look JUST like regular over-the-knee boots. I love them. Go up a half size.

What I’m wearing to Danielle and Conor’s wedding tomorrow!

Black watch plaid. Oh, how I missed you.

Just ordered this. Can’t wait to wear ALL the plaid shirts under it.

Another great one.

Gah! Devon, you do it every year.

I have this beanie and wear it constantly in the winter!

Another classic.

Isn’t this one cute?

A cable-knit sweater WITH POMS. Heart eyes.

Plaid bow flats. Great if you have kids and are constantly chasing them around but also want to look cute and festive for the holidays. ;)

THE PERFECT PAIR OF HOLIDAY PAJAMAS. I’m getting rid of my old pair because THIS pair is a zillion times better. So excited! They’re flannel, too!

And the scarf version. I actually own this from several years back and adore it. Get it while you still can!

I can’t believe I missed this. Such regret.

A plaid puffer vest. SO festive! Okay. Yep. After this whole thing, you know all know how nuts I am. ;) Oh well. It was bound to happen at some point! Over and out, Friends. See you tomorrow!