Recent Finds 11/5 - Nano Puff Jacket

Nano Puff Jacket (Longer version here, and warmer version here, which I ADORE. Patagonia in general tends to run on the smaller side. I go up one size from my J.Crew size.)

Awesome news: My code at is somehow STILL ACTIVE. Guys, use it. It gets you 15 percent off your order on stuff that usually doesn’t go on sale! I recommend the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket, which I’m wearing above. (Longer version here, and warmer version here.) I also love my Birkenstock clogs and these Sorel boots.

But on to “Recent Finds”:

Are these not perfect Chanel ballerina flat dupes?! Can’t beat the price, either…

Do yourself a favor and order these white sneakers. They were out of stock EVERYWHERE online for over a year, but they’re suddenly back! I’m thrilled. I went a half size up. :) They’re like walking on clouds!

As temps continue to drop, considering these for the winter. Use code “KELLYCITY15” to take 15 percent off! (You can also find the boots at Tuckernuck, FYI.)

Wore these SO much last winter. Love that they give me some height! They were my “going out” winter boots. Kept my feet warm and toasty. Use code “KELLYCITY15” to take 15 percent off!

These are GREAT! Sneaker boots. Use code “KELLYCITY15” to take 15 percent off!

I have never loved a headband more.

Noodle socks!

Guys, this is the holiday necklace of the year. So beautiful and affordable! Pair it with pretty much any scoop neck black top or sweater and you’ve look like a million bucks. I also feel like it would look great over a turtleneck!

I bought this skirt and it’s PERFECT. J.Crew Factory skirts are honestly incredible this season. I can’t get over how many patterns I love! A lot of reviews say they run a little small, but I took the skirt in my regular skirt size. (Size 2.) Keep in mind that the skirts are high-rise, so you want them to be a bit higher on your waist!

Every girl needs a cute pair of tartan pumps for the holiday season!

I love these leggings. I have them in a bunch of different patterns. Way better than the tartan pants, in my opinion, because they’re so much more comfortable and affordable. They’re also way softer than wool. I go up a size so they have a little but more of a “pants” look than “leggings” look.

How did I miss this?! SO SOFT-LOOKING.

The best holiday earrings ever. They come in pearl, too. They’re light as a feather and just the right amount of sparkle!

One of my favorite tops of all time. It’s lined with this wonderful fleece stuff that’s sure to keep you cozy all winter long!

Favorite scarf of the season! Reminds me of my Catholic school days. ;)

I have an older version of this sweater and utterly adore it.

I still have my eye on this one! This is a favorite cut but in a print that works year-round. Comes out of the washing machine looking perfect, so zero maintenance/steaming!

GORGEOUS. I have a similar (very old) wool trench and it’s my favorite wool coat ever. Love that Barbour is making one now!

And this puffer…

Kind of obsessed with these. I wonder how heavy they are!

Just a reminder that this sweater is BACK. Favorite flag sweater. Way softer and less bulky than the RL one.

The famous plaid coat is on sale! This is insanely flattering. I have an older camel version and it’s on constant rotation this time of year.

Still loving this cane crossbody!

This is the crossbody bag I use the most, though. Looks small but holds a ton!

My favorite denim jacket for my readers who live in warmer locations. It covers your butt and is really soft!

The “have forever” black pumps (which a comfy low heel) are on sale.

The super soft Lululemon Align jacket is now available in navy! (Size UP. I take it in a size 8, and normally wear a size 2 in J.Crew coats.)

The olive is selling quickly.

This is the only Lululemon top I wear in the winter. The quality is awesome and it lasts forever. I wear a size 6 for reference.

The Nikita Dress has been restocked in black! Such a timeless dress. Size up.

Carly says this blazer jacket gets an A+!

Another classic coat that’s on sale. Adore the belt!

A great price for classic black boots to pair with skinnies, leggings and skirts.

Favorite Madewell loafers. Wonderfully comfy. I’ve had mine for years and they still look brand new!

The quilted Lady Jacket looks so chic. I have it in white but considering it in black. It’s cuter than the Burberry version!

…but I do really love this Burberry number, haha.

These boots! Such a great slip-on/throw-on pair for moms struggling to get out the door with kids on their hips and all the bags on their shoulders. ;)

Okay, kind of into this quilted dress. Just wish it had longer sleeves!

This is probably my favorite blazer of the year! Have a old one that looks very similar.

Favorite cardigan of all time. It’s SO soft. Worth every penny. I have it in the black and camel and will likely never wear another cardigan ever again because no one can beat the softness, haha.

On sale and so cozy looking!

An Emerson Fry dress perfect for pairing with riding boots!

I’m so grateful for sherpa.

Another (more affordable) option!

WHY ISN’T THIS IN STOCK?! Added myself to the wait list…

Another cute blazer.

The Frances dress in sequin! (I own in in olive green and a couple of blue patterns.) I will not be going to an event this year—and probably won’t until my kids are much, much older. (And even then I think I’d opt to just hang with our neighbors at home!) But if any of you younger and/or cooler kids are planning to do something, this is stunning.

A great holiday dress.

Fisherman sweater in black! Love the look.

Loving this coat, too.

Usually not a fan of teddy coats, but this one is making me reconsider!

THIS is the wool trench coat I own, only in black. It’s so good. Again, I’ve owned mine for years and it’s definitely my most beloved wool coat. (Second favorite is my cocoon.)

Here is the wrap coat version in a glen check!

The Reefer Coat is another great option if you’re looking for a new camel coat.

One of my favorite fall tops is on major sale! Runs slightly large; I normally order a size small in Madewell tops but had to go down to an XS in this one.