Emma Larkin

This morning, my grandma and her sweet husband are coming to Chicago to meet Little Emma.

And I’m so excited. As my family is from the East Coast, the only people who’ve met Emma in person so far are my parents. Everyone has trips lined up, all spread out over the course of the next couple of months, but Grandma’s is the first… and it’s hard to contain myself.

I remember when my parents walked into the hospital room and saw Emma for the first time. It was incredible. I don’t think I’d ever seen them that happy. In fact, they were so excited and so fixated on their first grandchild that they forgot to say hello to Mitch and me. ;) I couldn’t help but tear up. Truthfully, it was one of the best moments of my life.

So I’m taking this morning off from work; from blogging. So I can introduce Emma to her great-grandmother, and take in the magic of witnessing something so special. And during the visit, I know I’ll be thinking of my own great-grandmother, “Nanny,” who passed away when I was little. Of Play-Doh snakes and Snow White dolls and little red-and-white striped candies she’d carry in her purse for me.

We should all be so lucky to meet our great-grandmothers. :)