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Okay. I know that this probably doesn’t necessitate a full post, but I am SO PROUD right now, haha. I’ve been working on designing and implementing a better newsletter for Kelly in the City since April (#truestory), and ladies and gentlemen, I just got it to work.

Granted, I took a few months off here and there because I was getting so frustrated, but today, the stars aligned and miracles took place. A big thank you to Jess for her incredible design skills, Mitch for helping me with the popup, Shawn for explaining CSS & Javascript Toolbox and helping me with the coding, and Blair for her extraordinary advice.

Believe it or not, I did have a newsletter before… but it was buried on my right-hand sidebar, and you probably never noticed it. Now, though, it’s pretty cute, and you’ll see it every once in a while as a popup (every once in a while–I promise!) and on the right-hand sidebar right under Noodle. How can you miss her, right?!

Before, subscribers only had one option: get the newsletter every day. But now, they can opt to receive it daily at 5 a.m. EST, once weekly (on Tuesdays) at the same time, or both daily and weekly. (So Mom, that’s you. Haha.) Yay! It’s way cuter than it was before, and my hope is that it’s easier to read. In the future, I plan on sending out customized newsletters, but for the time being, we’re stickin’ with RSS. (Which is pretty cool. Because a few months ago, I didn’t even know what RSS was!)

Anyway, Noodle and I would love it if you signed up! Daily, weekly–we don’t care. We’d just really like to stay in touch!

Also, fingers crossed out that the newsletters actually go out tomorrow. If they don’t, I give you full permission to make fun of me. ;)

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