Mitchs Fathers Day Gift Guide 2021

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Mitch here!

Don’t freak out! Father’s Day is still a month away and there’s no need to panic. Feel free to push this post to the back of your mind only to revisit it in a few weeks when everything is sold out and shipping delayed. Or you could do the right thing and just cross Father’s Day off your shopping list right now. Totally up to you.

1. Stand-Up Paddle Board: The funniest thing in life is seeing someone you care about dearly fall off a stand-up paddle board. And you can order one of these things on Amazon now. They’ll deliver it to your dad in a huge brown box.

2. AirTags: I actually lost my keys the other day and on my way up the stairs to ask Kelly if she’d seen them, I had an AirTag revelation. “Wait a second. I think I’m remembering something. Yes, I definitely remember something. Something is new about my keys. I bought AIRTAGS for my keys. I can use my phone to FIND MY KEYS! Oh. I actually hear them in my pocket right now. NEVER MIND, KELLY, I FOUND THEM!”

3. Solo Stove: If you thought I was going to write a Father’s Day Gift Guide without Solo Stove, then you must be feeling like a fool right now because BAM. #3: Solo Stove. Right there in the gift guide. Read more about it here, or don’t and just buy it because this is the single greatest dad gift of all time.

4. Nautical Flag Tie: Are ties still good dad gifts? It was a stretch before the pandemic and it seems sort of ridiculous now, but maybe your dad is a tie guy? I don’t know. I like this one, though.

5. Leather Money Clip: My wallet is so thick that it’s giving me lower back pain. I can’t sit down with the thing in my pocket so I take it out everywhere I go and then I lose it. So I’m putting this money clip on the guide in hopes that my wife will give me some money (and the clip) for Father’s Day.

6. Tool Bucket Organizer: Guys love buckets and guys love tools. If my overflowing tool bag has anything to say about it, this is a fantastic gift for a dad. You could stop breaking stuff or you could get him this bucket thing as a gift.

7. Baseball Travel Pouch: Dads also love baseball and leather and travel, and this baseball travel pouch represents the center of that Venn diagram.

8. Passport Case: Don’t act like your dad hasn’t mentioned his post-pandemic pilgrimage plan. That guy is Travel Zoo-ing up the place and you know it. Do you really want him showing up at the airport for the first time in a year and a half with a naked passport? Get out of here.

9. Flip Flops: You and I both know that your dad needs new flippies. The guys been flip-flopping all over the place in his ancient flips, and when he sees these he’ll say, “Thanks. I really need these.” He’ll then put them on and not take them off until sometime next winter.

10. Favorite Child Mug: Snarky mugs that piss off your siblings are a time-honored Father’s Day tradition, and this little gem is guaranteed to make things awkward.

11. Weekender Bag: A pandemic tapering off means weekend trips are back on the menu. What if you booked your dad a little getaway and wrapped the plans in this weekender bag? What if you didn’t? Who really cares?!

12. Leather Notepad: Dads are always up to super mysterious stuff in their offices, furiously jotting down notes in indecipherable scribble, answering the phone only to hang it up less than five syllables later. What is conveyed? It all seems so important. How can they remember the gritty details? A leather notepad is how. THIS leather notepad, in fact. Which you thoughtfully gave to them for Father’s Day. So nice of you.

13. Pocket Knife: Never in my life have I thought to myself, “Man, I wish I had a super sharp knife to carry around with me all the time.” But maybe I just haven’t achieved that dad status yet. And this is the best pocket knife in the world, apparently.

14. Marshmallow Blaster: If getting blasted in the face by a spring-loaded marshmallow doesn’t make the guy’s day, I’m not sure what will.

15. Leather Mousepad: You might not know this, but your dad has a little drawer in his office with old mousepads just in case his current mousepad wears out. And those mouses really take their toll.

16. Hammock: Your dad will likely enjoy hanging this thing more than hanging in it, but either way it’s a great gift. Dad, for once, just chill out and swing around in a hammock for a while. You’ve earned it.

17. Theragun Pro: I’m not going to pretend to know what this thing is for. I hope it’s not explicit. But the Amazon Robot Shopping Algorithm seems to think I need one so I put it in the guide. (Also my own father has and loves it.)

18. BBQ Caddy: The long track to my grill has me str8 stressin’. Beer, meat, bread, spatulas and a bonus beer just in case is too much to handle without a caddy, y’all.

19. Grill Gloves: Until recently, I’d been handling the sizzling hot smoking meat on my grill with my bare hands. The immeasurable pain and recovery period were hardly worth it, so I did some research and found these handy Grill Gloves which make the whole barbecue thing more worthwhile.

20. Leather Golf Log: I’m not a golfer but every guy I know is. They love hitting the balls into the holes and talking about how many hits it took to get the balls to the the holes and the greens and the grass and all that stuff. This leather golf log book will help them preserve those precious golf memories of all the hits and holes that once were.

21. Moccasins: Not sure what to say here. Kelly, can you write this one? Ugh. Pretty sure she’s not going to see this before it goes live. OH WELL.

22. Warby Parker Sunglasses: It’s very sunny outside. Too sunny, in fact. I honestly can’t take how sunny it is out there. It’s ridiculous. Warby Parker sells sunglasses that keep some of that sun off my eyes and, man, is it worth it because good god.

23. Yeti Cooler: A $200 cooler is the perfect place to chill a couple crispy brewsky boys on those hot summer nights if you know what I’m talking about. (This seems nuts, but I kind of want one…)

24. Table Tennis Game Set: I’m a big ping pong guy and it’s always frustrating when I want to break out the paddles but have no net and no regulation playing field. Luckily this monogrammed Table Tennis Game Set is portable so I can bring it everywhere I go just in case.

25. Canvas Bag: This bag solves the age-old problem of awkwardly bringing alcohol into a dinner party. Without this bag you look like a drunken lunatic. With this bag you look like James Bond’s cousin, Games Bond, who has game for days… and hella chardonnay to share.

26. Amazon Hoodie: As I write this post I’m wearing three of these hoodies on top of each other and nothing else. Perfect gift.

27. Canvas Espradrilles: I didn’t expect the word “Espradrilles” to be such a big part of my life at this point, but here we are.

28. Sonos Roam: We got this for my father, my father-in-law, and (hopefully) me this year.

29. Electric Smoker: If your dad doesn’t have a smoker yet, well, I feel sorry for the whole fam. Being born is a lottery and frankly, you lost.

30. Espresso Machine: I’m obligated to include at least one coffee machine in each gift guide. I love espresso. And if this post is any indication, I’ve had enough.

Mitch. OUT!