Okay, I just spent the entirety of nap time trying to finish my big Charleston post, but I just couldn’t do it, haha. Bah! Too much to say and too many photos to choose from. ;) So check back in on Wednesday for that. I’m pretty excited!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few photos I recently snapped of our little Emma, who turned seven months a couple of days ago! I truly cannot believe that she’s seven months old. Where has the time gone?! But I guess I’ll always feel that way as a parent. ;)

Our biggest development right now is that Emma has learned how to wave! It’s the cutest thing. She also loves toys that light up or make noise, and she can now fully sit on up her own, which makes playing a lot more fun. She adores bath time, and she loves her stroller how that she’s graduated to the big girl seat. She enjoys talking to herself in the mirror, being thrown into the air (don’t worry: we don’t let go!), and playing with Noodle, who’s so good with her. Emma’s sweetest quality? That no matter what, even if she’s crying, she’ll always return a smile.

We love you, Sweet Girl! <3