Rebecca’s dressJack Rogers Wedges / Fringe Top / J.Crew Jeans (Maternity version here) / Monica Vinader Bracelet c/o / Moon and Lola Earrings c/o / Helen Ficalora Necklace c/o 

Guys! I’ve missed you. I’ve kind of been fibbing on the blog over the last week. I’m actually HOME on the East Coast right now. :) I flew back on Friday morning to surprise one of my very best friends, Rebecca, as her bridal shower was yesterday. It was the sweetest. (Love that girl SO much.) And I’m sticking around for 2.5 weeks, since I have a ton going on back home and it didn’t make sense for me to fly back and forth.

Pictured below are the bridesmaids when we kidnapped Rebec from her lacrosse game, and a bunch of my best friends from high school: Rebecca (obviously), Mary, Nora and Kara. I can’t even tell you how great it was to see everyone. Toward the end, I actually teared up because I was so sad to say goodbye. But I’m going to grab dinner with Rebecca and Mary–who still live in the area–this week, so I’m feeling very lucky. :) Rebec, we love you and are beyond happy for you and Brian!


^ Sorry about the hat photo. But awwww ND friends! ;)


I’ve only been gone for a few days, but I’m already hardcore missing Mitch and Noodle. :( Going home without Mitch is rough. Since he’s a teacher, he really can’t go with me, unless he has a long break. But I feel empty without him, and this is the longest I’ve ever been apart from him. We’re doing lots of phone calls and texts, though. And he’s meeting me in NYC at the end of the trip.

Here’s hoping I make it through without crying. ;) And Noods? Oh my goodness. Don’t even get me started. Every animal I see reminds me of her. (Like, even deer, haha.) NOODLE I LOVE YOU DON’T FORGET ME! (Also, a huge thank you goes out to Maya for watching her next weekend!)


I know that the above photo looks really scary, but we made some major progress with the master bathroom yesterday! (And by “we,” I mean our contractor’s cousin. Remember: Contractor A had to go back to Mexico for immigration reasons. Here’s hoping he returns, but we’re thankful that his cousin is working while he’s gone!)

What’s been taking so long is the plumbing. But as you can see, the toilet has been moved, the shower has been expanded, the shower drain is in, the window has been installed (woo!), and the bench exists. (There’s a “bench” around the entire perimeter of the garden level, so we decided to embrace it. It’s a little weird, but it makes the shower look a lot bigger, right?! Before, it was drywalled over.) SO excited to see what kind of progress is made today. Fingers crossed!

Also: anyone know of any other good contractors in Lincoln Park? We still need someone for the upstairs.


Holy moly. I spent over two hours in the security line at O’Hare on Friday. It was ridiculous. The only reason I made my flight on time was because of an older gentleman behind me who realized I was pregnant and raised hell. (I told him I was fine but he would not stop screaming at the TSA agents, haha.) Needless to say, I’m taking a break from the whole flying thing after this trip. Privatize, STAT!


I had lunch with my amazing real estate agent, Lisa, last week, and she gave us this adorable bunny for Baby Larkin. Thank you, Lisa! We love you!


Couldn’t help myself.


Mitch and I are VERY interested in having the trim and doors on our house repainted next year. (You know: when all the construction is done!) We were originally thinking white trim and navy doors, but we came across this house the other day–essentially a carbon copy of ours–and loved the black! Fun to think of all the possibilities…


Girls’ night at Parlor with Jess and Blair. How am I so lucky to have best friends in two totally different parts of the country?


Oh, Lincoln Park. You’re so charming.


Favorite room in my parents’ house. The navy walls?! Also, behold: new suitcase. LOVE.


The rain finally cleared last Thursday afternoon, and Mitch and I took the best walk ever. My feet were killing me by the end, but it was worth it. :) Sunshine and townhouse gazing? Two of my favorite things…


Mitch is a HUGE fan of Indian food. Every time Shaheen comes out with a new recipe on her blog, he makes it. It’s the cutest thing.


Schmoo! Why are you sideways?


Vera Bradley Laptop CaseSimilar Sunglasses / Lilly Pulitzer Planner / Camera / Lens

Because it’s been raining so much in Chicago, I’ve been trying to work at coffee shops whenever it’s sunny. SO lovely. I always sit in the window!


Derby Day at Derby!


Lincoln Park’s tulip game is increds.


A peek at what life is like in our living room. UGH. But we got our stroller! Eeeee! Things are SO REAL.

Over and out, guys! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!